2nd Chance Dogs volunteers had the opportunity to learn about dog behaviors and how to read their body language as part of the center’s social offering and general training program aimed at improving dogs’ lives.

Marios, having Doris by his side, gave the participants something to think about, concerning with how to deal with certain stressful situations and problematic behaviors from our four-legged friends, ensuring above all their physical and mental health.
The volunteers were given examples of behaviors and how they affect the mental state of dogs. Among the examples, volunteers saw dogs licking walls for no reason, walking in circles, trembling, not being able to sleep and barking out of fear. Along those lines, we humans must be able to read the language of dogs, because at the end of the day yes, dogs do speak. We, the people are not listening.
2nd Chance Dogs remains faithful to its principles, in helping the abused and helpless dogs of Cyprus. The need to change the mentality on our island for the welfare of animals, cannot wait. So the 2nd Chance Dogs organization, continues and will continue to conduct training seminars that aim to enrich the knowledge of people that will help them “read” animals better and have the right “tools” to intervene and change or prevent a condition that could have adverse effects on animals.