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  1. 2nd Chance Dogs is privately funded all-breed, no-kill, animal welfare rescue – rehabilitation and re-homing center, WE ARE NOT A MUNICIPAL POUND OR SHELTER.
  1. We provide a safe haven, a sanctuary, shelter, necessary medical care, food, socialization and rehabilitation for the animals in our care.
  1. When the animals are restored to good health they are spayed or neutered, and once they have all of their needs met both physically and socially, then only we will take the necessary steps to find each one the perfect forever home
  1. In order to secure the future viability of the center and more importantly the well-being of the animals in our care, we have to ensure that we can rehabilitate the animals that arrive at the center. so unfortunately we have to have a limit for how many animals we can house at the center at any given time.

The Limit is 2 dogs per run with exception to some large sized dogs with difficult temperament which will have to live alone. the total runs are 30 (thirty).

Many of these animals arrive with various issues such as health, aggression, fear, anxiety and malnutrition. The Center needs to prepare them for there forever home and needs to work through all of these problems to ensure a successful re-homing of these animals. It is important to not overcrowd the center.

An overcrowded environment will cause unwanted stress to both the animals and to the caretakers.

  1. Once the full capacity has been reached unfortunately no new intakes can be processed until an animal at the Center has been re-homed or placed in a secure foster and a space is available for a new intake.
  1. Any animals not in the center do not belong to the organization with the only exception of puppies and their mothers that may be in foster care or other private kennels or in the case of dogs in foster homes, which are the dogs which were initially at the center or dogs that have Leishmaniases that are in foster care or other private kennels.
  1. The organization does not cover expenses for dogs not in the center with the exception of puppies and their mothers that may be in foster care or other private kennels or in the case of dogs in foster homes, which are the dogs which were initially at the center or dogs that have Leishmaniases that are in foster care or other private kennels.
  1. All new intakes must first go to our authorized vet. We employ qualified vets to evaluate the condition of each animal upon arrival. Ill animals receive appropriate treatment for their ailments immediately.

Immediately upon arrival into our care all of our pets have the 4DX test (heartworm disease, Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis), All the vaccinations, deworming, rabies inoculation, flea and tick treatment and the government veterinary services Leishmaniases test and will be microchipped, Furthermore, our organization 2nd Chance Dogs keep the animals under our care current on all of their vaccinations, and we spay or neuter our pets when the age and condition of the animal permits it.

  1. Any animal diagnosed with Leishmaniases is not permitted at the Center as we do not want to risk any of the other healthy animals getting infected by Leishmaniases, However in saying that we will not give up on these animals so we will employ or charter a foster or private kennel that is authorized by our centre to take in the animal and to meet all of the medical treatment obligations and treatment needed until the animal is healthy enough to be re-homed. In this case the organization will cover all the expenses including medical treatment vet bills and food.
  1. When we say our pets are available for adoption we mean that they are healthy and suitable for adoption and any issues they may have such as aggression, fearfulness, anxiety or malnutrition has been identified and is worked on, all adopters are made aware of these issues therefore animals in our care can only be adopted if they are in the center for at least 1 month in order to be evaluated, with exception to puppies and their mothers that may be in foster care or other private kennels or in the case of dogs in foster homes, which are the dogs which were initially at the center or dogs that have Leishmaniases that are in foster care or other private kennels.
  1. The Center is for animals and not a park for visitors,

-Any persons that are not authorized volunteers or employees, are not allowed at the center.

-Prior to a home check, prospective adopters cannot visit the center.

-New volunteers cannot visit the center prior to being authorized and filling in a volunteer form on our website.

-New volunteers can only be at the center in the presence of the shelter manager or an authorized person that will take charge and by appointment only.

-Any volunteers or visitors coming to the center that want to bring with them their dogs must first get approval from the Center Manager or Authorized person, there are two designated kennels that they can use to house their pets while they are there, they can only leave their pets free to play in the play-zones alone or only with animals of similar size and temperament and can only be appointed to do so by the Center manager or authorized person.

  1. New animal intakes will only be permitted before 11 am in the morning, no exceptions as a new dog in the environment can be stressful for both the newcomer and the neighboring animals in the kennels. A new comer needs some day time to settle in to the new environment.

-All new intakes must spend 1(one) week in the quarantine section to be observed and not to be released for play time together with the general population of the current animals.

  1. A Daily observation report must be completed by the center manager for each dog monitoring the dogs health, temperament and progress and any issues such as fearfulness or health warning signs should be noted. These forms will be signed off by an authorized person in charge of that duty once a week.
  1. Vet runs to the Vet are only in an emergency, the vet will have a dedicated day and time which he will visit the center at least once a week.
  1. Volunteers that will take dogs away from the center for a dog walk or an excursion must sign a form and permission granted by the center manager or authorized person at the center.

Fosters Policies

  1. No international fosters Homes, we do not send animals abroad to be fostered
  1. Prior to accepting a new Foster parent, prospective foster parents need to fill out a foster application form.
  1. Once the application form has been approved then an authorized person in charge of this matter must visit the prospective foster parents home and to carry out a home check to ensure the safety of the dog the foster parent will undertake
  1. We only send Dogs to foster homes if they have lived in our center for over 1 month and have been evaluated and are healthy. Or in the case of puppies and their mothers that may need to be in foster care OR dogs that have Leishmaniases that are in need of a qualified Foster home that can also give the needed medical treatment to the ill animal..
  1. New intakes are not allowed to go to Foster homes with the only exception of puppies and their mothers or dogs that have Leishmaniases.
  1. Dogs already at the center can only go to a foster home which guarantees to foster the animal until it has been adopted however long it may take, or a dog at the center which has been adopted abroad and has a date to travel, in this event the foster has to agree to keep the animal until the date of departure.
  1. Foster parents that give up on a dog they have in their care before the agreed time as stated on the Foster Form which will be signed when undertaking the animal will immediately be removed from the foster parent list and will never be used again as a foster home.
  1. Foster parents must give the organization feedback about the animal in their care once a week, this includes photographs and videos that can be used to promote the animal or to provide the adopter information prior to travel.
  1. All expenses will be covered by the organization through our authorized vet and receive food from the organization.
  1. Foster parents can only have maximum 2 dogs in foster care at once with exception to puppies that are under 3 months of age.
  1. If a foster parent wants to adopt the animal he/she is fostering the adoption fee must be paid and the adoption process will not be compromised in any way.

Adoption Policies

  1. Initial vetting of adopters should be done only by the authorized person of the organization.
  1. Once the vetting and matchmaking process has been completed and the prospective adopter would like to start the process for the adoption , the prospective adopter must fill out the adoption application form.
  1. If the adoption application form has been approved by the authorized person from the organization then a Home check will be initiated and an appointment will be scheduled by the authorized person in the organization this applies for both international and local adoptions.
  1. Only an approved experienced person with specific knowledge of how to keep the animal safe at home can do a home check.
  1. If the Home check has failed then the prospective adopter must be informed by the authorized person of the organization after he/she has communicated with the home checker the reasons for the failed home check
  1. If the home check has failed due to changes or improvements (ie raise a fence etc) that need to be done to the prospective adopters home then the adopter will be informed of this and if he/she makes the necessary improvements to the home environment in order to pass the home check, and proof of this improvement has been sent (by photos of before and after) and if needed a repeated home check can be requested, then the authorized person of the organization can approve the home check.
  1. For successful approved home checks the next step in the process is an adoption contract which must be signed.
  1. All adoption agreements will be processed by a specified authorized person within 2ndchance 4 life who will be the responsible person for this task, therefore the info needed and including the approved adoption application, approved home check and adoptors details including identification number must be sent to the specified authorized person and this person will communicate via email with the adoptor and have the responsibility to execute the signing of the adoption contract.
  1. The adoption donation fee must be paid in full to the organization upon signing if the adoption contract
  1. Flight bookings for International adoptions can only be reserved once the adoption contact has been executed and duly signed, no flight bookings or reservations can be made unless the contract is first signed. No exceptions
  1. Prior to the adoptee traveling to the forever home either locally or internationally, the organization has to have in their possession an adoption contract duly signed, the adoption donation paid in full and the home check approved. No exceptions.
  1. For international adoptions all preparations, passport, traces certificates issued by the government vet services of Cyprus, vet pre-fight check and to obtain the approved travel crate must be completed at least 1 day prior to travel, the authorized person from the organization that will make the above preparations will have to complete the travel preparation check list, this list needs to be double checked by a second authorized person from the organization to ensure no mistakes have been made. If multiple animals are traveling then a separate checklist needs to be filled out for every animal traveling.
  1. For local adoptions an authorized person from the organization will deliver the animal to the new adopter and to give some advice if needed, or only in the event that it is pre-approved prior to pick up, the adopter can visit the center to pick up the adoptee.
  1. The organization will cover the costs namely fuel and parking for volunteers that are taking animals that have been adopted abroad to the airport to prepare them for their flight.
  1. For animals that are traveling an authorized person from the organization must follow up on the animal traveling and communicate with the adopter via social media or other means after the adopter has picked up the adoptee the person authorized by the organization must ask if there was any issues or complications at the pick point and if so to inform us immediately of this as we would like to be informed so to address these issues immediately.
  1. We do not do mass adoptions as we believe that each pet needs time, love and attention to settle in to a new environment. If someone is adopting two or more pets at the same time and they are not siblings or have been together in our centre then the new environment together with another stressful pet can cause unwanted problems.
  1. For animals traveling abroad and local adoptions an authorized person from the organization will create ‘Happy chats’ in order to monitor the adopter and adoptees progress.
  1. An authorized person from the organization will follow up with each adopter on the adoptees progress and obtain updates and Happy endings photos at -3 month, -6 month and -12 month intervals and will add these to the happy ending group on facebook and the website.

19. Our organization believes in transparency therefore any adopter showing an interest to adopt a dog that has Leishmaniases, will be made aware of the animals ailment and will be informed of the medication and treatment needed to keep the animal healthy.

Dogs that have Leishmaniases have to be at a stage whereby the disease is under control and the animal is in a healthy and in an excellent condition. Leishmaniases is a disease that is treatable however the dog will remain a carrier of the disease for a life time. Please visit our blog link here for a full explanation on Leishmaniases. Since dogs that are diagnosed with this disease need to have a life time treatment of Allopurinol ( A daily orally given drug) to keep the animal healthy , our organization will send the neccasary medication to control the desiease and keep the animal healthy during the life span of the animal that has been adopted free of charge.

Fundraising, crowd funding, events, e-shop and promotions

  1. All fundraising have to be under the organizations name 2ndchance-4 life and all funds will go to the organization bank account or paylpal account. (donations@2ndchance-4life.org) or the bank account.
  1. All fundraiser and crowd funding sponsorships will be shared initially first on the official Facebook page, any volunteers or members can then share this info to their friends.
  1. Any donations or money collected either in cash or by cheques, receipts must be issued through the organization receipt books so that the income can be recorded.
  1. All donations through the website receive an automatic thank you note, for any other donations a follow up email or note through face book thanking the donator should be sent by treasurer.
  1. All sales through the websites e-shop are recorded and tracked via website report system
  1. Any income from events or promotions must be recorded in an Event receipt book so to track the income from events held.
  1. In the case of money box’s or piggybanks at venues or locations a receipt book will be used when collecting the donations from the boxes and the donations will be deposited into the organizations bank account

Communication Policies


  1. All communications via email will only be through the organizations email accounts. (with domain 2ndchance-4life.org all members are prohibited to use other email accounts such as personal gmail or work mail accounts etc.

-Social media

Facebook page and group

  1. No posts with exception to missing dogs from other organizations on the official facebook page, facebook groups and twitter accounts of 2nd chance 4 life.
  1. All albums for dogs up for adoption or dogs that have been adopted must be created initially on the official facebook page, and then shared to any personal facebook account or other groups and pages
  1. On the official Facebook page and groups of 2nd chance 4 life only posts about the animals in the center, foster care, happy endings , our fundraisers / events and blog posts from our website are permitted. Strictly nothing else
  1. All posts must be created initially as a page posting and not by individuals , individuals can share these posts that the page has created to any groups and of course the individual sharing the page post is free to comments and write anything he/she wishes to assist the animal that is being promoted either in the comments or in the status share.
  1. If our organization is unable to assist an animal in need of assistance and you as an individual which is part of 2nd chance 4 life cannot physically assist this animal in need then you are prohibited to create a post as an individual and post a call for help as you are as an individual which is connected to the organization 2nd chance 4 life , however you are allowed to share as an individual any post from any other organization or group or individual which has created a call for help.

-Call center   

  1. We are using an outsourcing call center which will answer our incoming calls and take messages

The numbers are t + 357 22 02 67 48        Fax + 357 22 02 67 48

  1. The call center answers the calls with the name of the organization
  1. The call center works from 9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday
  1. On weekends and public holidays and after hours the Call center operates an answering machine service.
  1. All incoming calls are noted and info of call is sent to the dedicated email that is provided.
  1. An authorized person of the organization is responsible to monitor these incoming call logs and messages and to delegate calls to the responsible parties to call back within 24 hours
  1. The operator will have instructions to filter the calls and to explain to people that we are not a shelter and that we cannot accept surrendered animals or take on animals that have owners. Of course the calls will be monitored and the authorized person monitoring the calls will take action accordingly.
  1. Fax will be forwarded to an email account that will be monitored by an appointed authorized person of the organization.


  1. As we always have the animals in the best interest and the idea of promoting animals is to promote the animals and not our self-interests or EGO, we have a strict policy of NO SELFIES, however its not a selfy if someone else took the picture.
  1. No photos promoting any businesses or other groups or organizations.
  1. No hands holding a dogs head up, it is important to take natural photos of the animals.

Clarification note

If the center is at full capacity and a volunteer or a member or an employee or the founders (so this means no exceptions) finds an animal in need and wishes to act as the rescuer, we cannot allow the center to be over populated as mentioned above in the center policies.

We as rescuers have a choice of rescuing the animal, giving it the medication that it may need by taking the rescued animal to the organizations authorized vet (to get the discounted vet prices), finding a secure shelter for the animal in need by either by taking this animal home or taking it to a private kennel.

When making this decision the rescuer must understand that all of the above vet expenses kennel fees and food will have to financially burden the rescuer which has taken the choice to rescue the animal.


When a *free space is available at the center then the animal can be welcomed to the center and will become a 2ndchance 4 life rescue, the individual member or employee or founder or volunteer will be reimbursed the vet expenses in full he/she paid for the animal (receipt must be kept and only from our authorized vet) when it was rescued after the animal has been adopted through the organization.


The rescuer in the meantime finds a suitable home for this animal before it arrives at the center then the individual will have to re-home the animal directly and will not be covered by the 2ndchance 4 life contract or adoption package and no vet bills will be reimbursed by the organization in this event.


*If more than one animal is on a waiting list to enter the center then it will be based on the date that the rescued animal was rescued and the oldest date will be in priority of entering the rescue center.


It is important that we do our best to re-home as many animals from the center as possible to make space to allow new animals to be rescued.


Webmaster website Admin

Job details:

-To update the website

-To add new intakes into the center

-To update current dogs available for adoption on page

-To add new blog posts and share to facebook page

Webmaster – admin / facebook

Job details

-To create new intake albums on the official page

-To update facebook albums on the official page

-To reply to messages of potential adoptors

-To share the fund raisers

-To Create happy chats

– To Monitor adoptors

Fundraiser Crowdfunding Sponsor a dog through youcaring

Job details

-To be the admin for Youcaring

-To create monthly sponsor a dog fundraiser on youcaring

Center Manager

Job details

-To Take care of the animals at the center

-To make sure the runs are clean

-To make sure the animals are fed and have water

-To make sure all medication is given to the animals at the center

-To make sure that any animals are given medical treatment if needed on time

-To ensure the animals have the necessary exercise needed

-To fill out the daily observation report for every animal in the center

-To control any volunteers wishing to help with the work at the center

-To control who enters the center.

Volunteer co-ordinator

Job details

-To receive and review all volunteer forms

-To authorise new volunteers

-To Communicate and delegate jobs to volunteers

-To arrange airport runs and vet runs



Job details

-To keep track of outgoing moneys by bookkeeping invoices and receipts and to make payments for all suppliers rent, water, food, vetbills, utilities, staff, etc

-To keep track of incoming donations from events promotions and donators

-To send thankyou notes and emails to donators donating in cash or through youcaring

-To track income from e-shop

-To deliver on a monthly bases all accounts to the auditor and bookkeeper


Audit accountant

Job details

-To provide advice on bookkeeping working closely with the treasurer

-To provide audited accounts on a quarterly bases to be shared on the website in pdf format


Dog evaluator

Job details

-To work with all the animals at the center and to give true evaluations on the character, temperament, including any issues such as fear aggression, food aggression cat aggression

-To to state the issues any animals may have on the animals adoption page of the website.


 Website E-SHOP manager

Job details

-To find products to sell throu the websites E-SHOP

-To make sure any orders are executed and shipped

-To make sure all invoices and receipt are given to the treasurer


Event Organizer

Job details

-To Arrange clever fund raising events to raise money ( parties, karaoke etc)

-To arrange awareness events and publish flyers to raise awareness for our organization and to help in this way promote our dogs for adoption



Job details

-To evaluate a prospective adopters home environment

-To check for any signs that could lead to a failed adoption

-To suggest improvements to a prospective adopters home

-To fill out the Homechecker form with the prospective adopter

-To communicate the information to the evaluation committee which will decide on the adoptions approval


 Evaluation Committee

Job details

-To vet new prospective adopters requests and Adoption application forms

-To discuss and appoint a home checker

-To arrange appointments for home checks

-To discuss and evaluate a homecheckers evaluation form and to approve an adoption or to disapprove an adoption.

-To follow up on adoptions

-To carry out the task of papaerwork needed and preparation of international adoptions with the help of volunteers in co-ordination