Είμαι από διασταυρομένη ράτσα

Είμαι ένας ευγενικός γίγαντας

Είμαι πάντα σε εγρήγορση

Είμαι φιλικό με τα παιδιά

Είμαι καλό στις βόλτες

Είμαι υπέροχο στο αυτοκίνητο

Είμαι φιλικός στους ξένους

Είμαι πολύ έξυπνο

Μπορώ να μείνω μόνο για σύντομες περιόδους

Μου αρέσουν οι αγκαλιές

Ξέρω πώς να καθίσω και πολλές άλλες εντοιλές

Λατρεύω τη φασαρία και την προσοχή

Μου αρέσει να παίζω με παιχνίδια

Προτιμώ να είμαι το μόνο σκυλί στο σπίτι

Θα κάνω τα πάντα για λιχουδιές και φαγητό

Danny′s Κατοικιδίου

Hey hey Danny boy here! Hope you are having a fantastic day! A little bit about me; I was abandoned by my previous owner in the middle of nowhere, scared and without any clue as to how to survive. I was walking for days trying to find my way home and ended up in a highway as you hoomans call it. All those cars flying by me got me terrified and I ended up hiding in the bushes. I was hungry, scared and lost. Up until the day, a lady in orange came up to me and offered me some tasty treats. I couldn’t resist but at the same time I felt relieved as soon as she put the collar around my head and asked me if I wanted to go with her to the centre, she said. I felt a warmth in my heart which I haven’t felt for a long time. I knew I could trust her! And I was right! I am now at 2nd chance dogs centre, everyone loves me and calls me Danny boy! Volunteers come to play with me (I get cheeky with the treats sometimes, ask them!!). I am ready to go to a home with a family!

Χαρακτήρας & Τεμπεραμέντο

I love to play with toys, especially balls and things I can tug. I love it when my carers give me attention and especially I just love to lie on my back and get belly rubs all day. I am a heavy dog for my height and sometimes I don’t realize that.. My trainer is a nice guy that keeps giving me yummy treats when I do things he likes. I have learnt to sit and go down... It’s a lot of fun at the center but I really would love a home... I am good with all humans even though some feel intimidated by my heavy look. I am actually all mushy inside... 

I don’t mind sharing my food and love to have company as I love humans. After all, a human is a dog’s best friend...

Ιδανικό σπίτι για Danny

I would love a home that would take care of me and spend some time to train with me. As I said I am a heavy boy so a home with older children over 14 years old its better for me. A nice yard would be nice but not picky if I could get regular walks. An experienced home that have had big doggies like me would be a preference. Probably a home with no other dogs or at least no other small dogs.

Most importantly is a home that would love me because I have lots of love to give back.  I warn you I am very loyal boy!

Αξιολόγηση εκπαιδευτών


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