I am child friendly

I am friendly to cats

I am great in the car

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I can be left alone for short periods

I especially like cuddles

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

Lazar′s Story

My name is Lazar and I am one of the best dogs they’ve ever had the joy to meet. Always cheerful, happy, playful and loving.  I was living with a British lady but she had to leave the island, so she gave me to a rescue. The rescue contacted 2nd Chance Dogs and asked for their help as they knew that 2nd Chance would be the only place that could really offer me my 2nd chance for life. You see, I have some health issues which don’t affect my happiness at all, or my overall health, but they might be annoying for some dog owners. When I am overexcited I have no control  at times of my bladder and bowels so I may make a mess.  The vet says that it could be a neurological problem , an CT Scan showed that there is nothing wrong with me in anatomy ,most probably this was caused by bad breeding but again I am not in pain and I really enjoy life!

Character & Temperament

They say I am almost the perfect dog, always a happy lad, I love being with other dogs, I love cats and  everyone,  humans and kids.I am very playful, love the attention and cuddles, I will work for you with food,treats and toys and I will be forever by your side faithful.

Ideal Home for Lazar

I would like a home that they won’t mind a little mess when I’m overexcited. Someone who believes that a dog’s happiness is worth more than spotless furniture and nicely polished floors.A family with commitment , who will take me for what I am and love me deeply as I deserve. And not to be let down ever again as 2ndchancedogs promised me the best home ever who is waiting for me somewhere out there.A home with a garden and lots of fuss and attention and above all love!

Trainers Evaluation


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