Kerry′s Story

Hi I am Kerry and some of you might remember to from 2017 when I was a puppy here at 2ndchancedogs. If you don’t remember me from then, I will tell you my story shortly. I was rescued back in 2017 by a 2ndchancedogs volunteer. They were on their way to the airport for a doggy flight when they saw me on the side of the road all lost and scared. They rushed to my rescue and took me to the vet. Thankfully I was healthy. We then went to the rehabilitation and rehoming centre where the volunteers noted how playful, happy and cute I was. I was then adopted in the UK. I was only 4 and a half months old. I was probably not socialised nor trained properly. According to the trainer’s evaluation, I spent most of my time alone apart from when my adopters were around. After 3 years of being part of that family, they contacted the home checker in the UK and told her that allegedly I attacked and bit the adopter. No evidence of such allegations were provided. And do you know why? Because I did not do such thing. As all this was happening during the lockdown in the UK, it took some time for me to return back to Cyprus and re-join my beloved rescuers. I remember when we landed in Cyprus I felt relieved and at the airport I immediately recognised my rescuers and was so incredibly happy to be back to a place where I felt safe and happy. I was taken to a trainer to get an evaluation but the trainer said there was nothing wrong with my behaviour. They did, though, notice a slight issue with my legs which is currently being examined by the vets. I am very glad I am back at 2ndchancedogs centre now. I feel safe, familiar with my environment, relieved and happy to have other doggies to play with. I am a loving dog who knows the basic cues and knows how to walk on a leash. I want to be able to find my forever family who will love me as much as I will love them.

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