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6 simple steps to rehome your new best friend


When its love at first sight, adoption is easy.
Its easy to fall in love with one of our stunning rescues, go throught the pictures of the dogs available for adoption.
If you need more info or cannot visit the center, just send us a message and we are happy to send you videos, pictures or even do a skype video call so you can meet the doggie that you like live.
Click on the button below to see all the dogs we have available for adoption.


Once you have chosen your dog, please fill in our Adoption application form by clicking on the button below.


Once we recieve your Adoption application for the dog you have chosen, we will contact you immediatly to arrange a home visit
The reason we do a home visit is to give you advise if any changes or modifiactions need to be done in order to keep your new best friend safe and sound aswell as to assess if the home is best suited for the breed of dog you are thinking of adopting.
During the home visit we can also answer all your questions and help you understand the needs of the dog that you will be adopting.


If the home check goes well, we will then send you our Adoption Agreement which you as the adopter and we as the Rescue organization will sign.
The reason why we sign an adoption agreement is so that we are legally agreeing to pass over the ownership of the dog to you and that you as the adopter from that moment onwards, be the legal owner of the dog. We will also transfer the microchip onto your name by informing the microchip database registrar that the dog is now under you the adopters name. The agreement also states your abligations towards the dog and our commitment to be there to assist you when ever you need our support.
We commit to lifetime support to all the dogs we rehome.
At this point you will also need to pay the adoption donation, Please click here to see how much the adoption donation is and what it covers.


One of our dog trainers and behaviourist will call you ahead of you receiving your new dog to go through any questions you may have, also to give you advise on how to help your new dog settle into your home.
Since the dogs in our care all go through a behaviour assesment programme we will give you advise specific to the dog you are adopting to make the whole adoption procedure run as smoothly as possible.
You will also get advise about how, what and when to feed your dog, how to exercize the specific dog, and any other info specifically about the dog you are adopting. Of course you can also ask us any questions you have that we have not allready answered.
The main point is to give you the knowledge needed and support to welcome your new family memeber into your home succesfully.


We will arrange to bring the dog (your new best friend) to you, if needed to help you with the introductions to the other pets you have in your household.
In short we are proud that we have nearly no dogs coming back to us after being adopted out, as we really care and work hard to ensure each and every adoption is set up to succeed.
Adopting a dog is a life long commitment so we will be in contact with you for the lifetime of the dog that you have adopted, we will check in and help you with any issues you may be facing or just to get a glimpse of the highlights and good times.
Our motivation and fuel to keep on doing what we are doing is to watch those that we have rescued thrive!

Life time support

to all the dogs we rehome

We never stop caring!