Είμαι από διασταυρομένη ράτσα

Είμαι ένας ευγενικός γίγαντας

Είμαι καλό στις βόλτες

Είμαι υπέροχο στο αυτοκίνητο

Είμαι φιλικός στους ξένους

Είμαι πολύ έξυπνο

Μπορώ να μείνω μόνο για σύντομες περιόδους

Ξέρω πώς να καθίσω και πολλές άλλες εντοιλές

Λατρεύω τη φασαρία και την προσοχή

Μου αρέσει να παίζω με παιχνίδια

Θα κάνω τα πάντα για λιχουδιές και φαγητό

Henry′s Κατοικιδίου

Hi my name is Henry,

This is how I ended up here.. I was born on a farm, I remember my mum and miss her so much, she really took care of us as pups even though she didn't have much to eat herself for she was a stray too, one day the man from the council came and grabbed me and my sister Harriet  we where so scared... my mum was left behind, and I could hear her barking... it was the last time I ever hear her voice....

The man took me and my sister to the pound,  it was full of other doggies they where all stressed and where barking like crazy, we were so scared,

One day a lady came and saw me and my sis, she looked at us.... we both wagged our tails, she smiled and said I am not going to let anyone hurt you two.. and the rest is history...

Χαρακτήρας & Τεμπεραμέντο

My Carers keep calling me lover boy... I wonder why?

I love to play and have grown up to be a big doggie, I love playing in water. When my trainer comes I love the attention he gives me, I love humans and thier company, I don't mind if anyone is around my while I eat can can share my food if needed. I am great on a lead and love to go for walks. When playing with other doggies I can be over excited and get a  bit rough so I prefer to play with bigger doggies. I don't mind strangers but am weary at first until I know the stranger is a nice person, I hope some one will come for me soon.....

Ιδανικό σπίτι για Henry

My dream is to find a home with someone to love me, you cannot imagine how much love I have to give back,, A home with a big yard would be Ideal but I am not picky so as long as I can go for a regular walk a small yard will do just fine too. I prefer being the only dog at home although a home with a larger dog for company would be ok too... I would prefer a home with older children for I can be clumsy at times. 

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