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I am a cross breed

I am always alert

I am dog friendly

I am shy and need time to settle

Phoenix′s Story

My name is Phoenix and I think that really suits me. 

I am not sure what has happened to me, but what I know for sure is that I was only hours away from death, when my rescuer found me…. A lady returned home from work, only to see a little black ball in the corner of her yard, shivering and bleeding from several parts of its body… that was me….

The lady was in shock, and as she didn’t dare touch me, she took some photos and sent them to a 2ndChance volunteer…. Without thinking twice, the volunteer ran there, picked me up, crying and kept whispering in my ear “please don’t die… please don’t die”…


She rushed me to her vets, where they gave me a bath with a pharmaceutical products, to get rid of the rotten smell, the pus and the dry blood….. They gave me antibiotics, vitamins and put me on drips…. For days, they didn’t know if I would survive…. Everything about me, smelled like death….. To save my life, they had to amputate my tail as it was so rotten. The septicaemia was far advanced….

They tried hard to save my leg, and even though this seemed impossible - as the flesh and bones could be seen from the open wound – after many days of daily visits to the vets and cleaning and dressing my wounds, they told me that we saved it… Which made me really happy, as I was still hoping that one day, I would find a family to love me and a big yard to run and play with other dogs….

Because of the condition in which I was found, my rescuer and the vets believe that most probably I had been thrown out of a moving car…. Or even worse, I may had been dragged along behind a car…. The wounds and the pus all over my belly, my rotten - almost missing - paw, and my tail which was smashed, couldn’t let them think anything else…..

I was found weighing 9 kg, but the vet says I should be at least 18 kg…. I was full of ticks and fleas, anaemic, and with ear and eye infections. I was found in that yard unable to move and when they are looking at me, they are still amazed how I made it there… Believe me, I don’t know either…. I only knew that, that it was my final attempt to stay alive…..


Character & Temperament

I'm a bit shy around people, maybe they still remind me of what I went through...

But with dogs I feel much more comfortable and show my real self, carefree, playful, full of life!

Ideal Home for Phoenix


The ideal home for me would be a calm environment, without too much noise and without too many people. I would like a family that really understands what I've been through and  give me the space and time to find myself. If I have other dogs around me it will be easier for me to open up.

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