Juno - Available for adoption Available for adoption


I am a cross breed

I am always alert

I am child friendly

I am great in the car

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I especially like cuddles

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

I need help learning to like other dogs

I need some training

I prefer to be the only dog at home

I will work for treats and food

Juno′s Story

Hi, my name is Juno.

I was once part of a family that didn't pay much attention to me. I spent my entire life tied up on a long chain. One day, my previous owners decided they no longer wanted me, and they contacted the vet to let him know I was no longer wanted in the family. I felt so sad and tried to understand what I did wrong. The vet, concerned for my well-being, contacted the 2nd Chance Dogs team, who immediately rushed to my rescue.


Character & Temperament

 I'm your happy-go-lucky companion!

I'm always on the move, running around, and playing my favorite game of fetch.

Splashing in the water is my idea of a good time. Plus, I'm great in the car, ready for exciting adventures with my forever family. Sure, I might need a bit of leash work, but I'm all smiles and ready to join your family for some fun times!

Adopt me, and let's make memories together!

Ideal Home for Juno

Hey there, future family! I'm Juno, and I come with a bit of a backstory. Half of my life was spent on a chain, and the other half in the center, but now I'm ready for a home to call my own. I might be a bit too much for other dogs, so I'm thinking I'd shine as the solo star in your household. I'm an active fella, so a garden would be my paradise – imagine all the playtime we could have! I'm like a blank canvas, eager to soak in all the love and adventures you can offer. Let's take this journey together and turn my story into one filled with joy and happiness!

Trainers Evaluation


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