I am a cross breed

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I am shy and need time to settle

I am very clever

I especially like cuddles

I love fuss and attention

Baloo′s Story

Hiya ladies and gents! I am Mr Baloo, as you can see a gorgeous boy. Unfortunately, the beginning of my story is not as pleasant as how things are at the moment. I was a stray boy for as long as I can remember. Searching through bins and rubbish to find something to eat. I can still remember my tummy growling. People used to thrown things at me, kick me, shout at me… things weren’t great and I then began being cautious around people. One day, while I was strolling through my day as normally, I met little Flora. She was so little…so weak… We clicked instantly as I felt like a big brother, eager to protect her and have someone to call “family”! While walking around with Flora, an old man spotted us and captured us by giving us food, as it seemed it was something we needed, we didn’t estimate the danger of accepting food from a stranger. He put us in a filthy place and we shortly were fully covered with fleas and ticks. It was so painful, so itchy, but, my main concern was Flora. My little sister was so weak and fragile.

Thankfully, a lady found us and posted about us on Facebook, when my hero at 2nd Chance Dogs jumped in immediately and rescued me and Flora! They took us to the vets and then back to the Centre. I am now the handsome hero who took care of Flora. Yes, yes, you guessed right! All the ladies at the Centre love me, Mr handsome Baloo! What do you say, do you want to complete an adoption application form and meet me in person?

Character & Temperament

Due to my hard past, I am a bit timid at first but after you get to know me better you will see what a wonderful doggy I am!

I am child friendly and a household with children aged 7+ would be great for me!

I am very clever and I can be trained easily!

I am also good on the lead!

My trainers say that I am one of a kind!  A very special  boy!


Ideal Home for Baloo

I would love a home with another doggy (or doggies) to keep me company! 

I am child friendly and a household with children aged 7+ would be great for me!

Trainers Evaluation


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