Oasis′s Story

My name is Oasis. I was found as a stray in March 2019 and someone took me to the local pound. I couldn’t cope with pound life and the volunteers there said I was slowly being destroyed by living in the pound on the end of a chain. I was a little nervous when I first arrived there but in 3 months I got much worse, so much so that I couldn’t be walked, I was shaking in fear when approached and broke from my chain whilst the pound was being cleaned when someone approached me. I didn’t run out of the area but straight back to my kennel and took refuge at the back, my safe place. Once the 2nd Chance team found out about me they offered me a place at the centre to start to regain my trust in people and my will for life. I have been at the beautiful centre since June 2019 and I can tell you one thing - I feel much, much better already, and I am happy as well. I am now looking for a forever family to give me the love and care that I had never felt before in my short life. Will you be that person?

Character & Temperament

I am a timid and shy boy but i m getting better and better every day with the help of my friends in the centre.

Ideal Home for Oasis

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