Bella′s Story

Hi I am Bella

My carers here at the center call me "black beauty" I wonder why?

I was roaming the streets of a village after my owner had left me in the middle of nowhere , I was so hungry and got dizzy, while I was crossing the street a car hit me, I was terrified. The man that hit me took me to the council pound, I needed a doctor but no one cared.. that afternoon a lady came as someone had told he about me, she immediately took me by the lead and put me into her car and took me t the man they call the vet

He said all ok no broken bones she is lucky just an infection. and then she brought me here to the 2nd Chance Dogs rehoming center. 

Character & Temperament

I love my carers they make a fuss over me.

At first with humans I am weary and a little timid but once I know you mean no harm I am fine

I am great with little humans as long as they know how to behave around me. 

I especially love the treats and I don't have a problem eating while someone is around me and I am ok on lead and my trainer is teaching me new things too. 

I love the company of other dogs and hope to find a home soon with a family who will love me.

Ideal Home for Bella

My dream home is a home with a large Yard and another doggy to play with, ok I am not picky so if the yard is not big nice regular walks are great too.

A family with activities would be best as I am a curious dogie and want to check things out all the time. I would love to be part of a big family to have lots of humans to love.

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