Vorka′s Story

VORKA was roaming the streets of a village here in Cyprus for months… She was in awful condition…Full of wounds….scared….malnourished… A girl called the municipality… They placed a trap and caught the dog.... After a couple of days the dog was sighted again roaming in her old haunts… “She escaped”… it was the simple explanation of the municipality officer…. What should we do? The girl decided to do something on her own… With the help of her friend, she rescued VORKA from the roads and took her to the vet. She had all her tests and she was clear… She got spayed and after couple of days they took her to “private kennels” where they paid for almost a year for her accommodation and her food…. But they could tell that something was wrong with the situation… Every time they visited her, VORKA was even more depressed, was even sadder than the first day…. Her condition was getting worse day by day… full of wounds…. And the saddest look in her eyes…. The girl sent us her photos……. How we could say no to this dog??? Even when we have full capacity......Even though we were more than full.... VORKA 's wounds were open and bleeding...She even had more sounds than what she had the first day she was caught!!!! ....and now she is even more scared and terrified... And the worst….she is now positive in erlichia and anaplasmosis… VORKA is now under 2nd Chance 4 Life wings… She already starts her treatments… She is 6-7 years old German shepherd dog… and all she needs, all she deserves is a home to call her own… A family to love her… Please share for VORKA…. Offer her, her 2nd Chance…. 6/2/17 ~NOTE~ All our rescues are neutered/spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and they are currently in Cyprus but they are available for adoption in UK/Holland/Europe and also in Cyprus.

Character & Temperament

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