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I am a couch potato

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I am good on the lead

I am great in the car

I am stranger friendly

I can be left alone for short periods

I especially like cuddles

I love fuss and attention

Tabby′s Story

My story is one that too many hunting dogs in Cyprus share—a life filled with hardship, neglect, and heartbreak. I was once a prized hunting dog, but as the years went by and I was no longer useful, I was cast aside like an old, broken tool. 

Imagine being locked in a filthy, tiny cage, surrounded by nothing but the remnants of a life that used to matter. There was no food, no water, and no proper shelter to protect me from the harsh elements. I was left there to starve, forgotten and unwanted, my existence fading away in silence.

Day by day, I grew weaker, my spirit dimming as the world seemed to turn its back on me. But just when hope seemed lost, a kind-hearted stranger took notice of my dire condition. They saw the pain in my eyes and couldn’t bear to walk away. 

This compassionate soul made a call that changed my fate forever. It wasn’t easy; they had to negotiate for days with the hunter who had imprisoned me. But their persistence paid off, and 2nd Chance Dogs stepped in like a beacon of light in my darkest hour. 

When they finally opened the door to my tiny cage, it felt like the first breath of freedom in a lifetime. The wonderful people at 2nd Chance Dogs promised me something I had almost forgotten to believe in: a future without suffering. They vowed to find me a home where I would be cherished, not discarded. 

Now, I wait with a heart full of hope, dreaming of the day I will be welcomed into a loving family. A family that will never let me feel abandoned or alone again. Until then, I hold on to the promise of a better life, knowing that 2nd Chance Dogs will keep their word and help me find the happiness I've longed for.

Character & Temperament

People here can’t believe what a good boy I am, especially after everything I’ve been through. When they rushed me to the vet the day I was rescued, everyone there was amazed by my kind spirit. Despite my ordeal, I sat quietly and patiently as they performed all the blood work and exams. I even managed to sneak in a few grateful licks, showing them how much I appreciated their help.

I was so sick that day—malnourished, anemic, and barely holding on. Yet, even in my weakest moment, I still had love to give. The vets said they could see it in my eyes: a glimmer of hope and a heart full of gentleness. 

Now, as I start to heal and regain my strength, I’m ready to share that love with a forever family. I may have endured so much, but I’ve never lost my ability to be affectionate and trusting. All I need now is a chance to show just how much joy and companionship I can bring into someone's life.

Ideal Home for Tabby

I’m ready to tell you about my dream home! After everything I’ve been through, I’m looking for a family that will cherish me for the sweet, gentle soul I am.

In my ideal home, I’d have plenty of love and a soft, comfy spot to call my own. I’m super easy-going and get along great with other dogs, so if you have a furry friend already, we’ll be the best of pals! Whether it’s playtime in the yard or just lounging around the house, I’m up for it all.

I adore being around people and other pups, soaking up all the attention and giving back endless cuddles. A quiet environment with a family who understands my gentle nature would be perfect. Kids? Bring 'em on! As long as they’re kind and gentle too, we’ll have a blast together.

I’m also a big fan of leisurely walks and exploring new places, as long as we do it at a relaxed pace. My days of hardship are behind me, and now I’m ready to enjoy life to the fullest with my forever family.

If you’re looking for a loyal, loving companion who’s got a lot of heart and is eager to be part of a family, then look no further. I promise to fill your home with happiness, tail wags, and all the love I’ve been waiting to give.

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