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I am a cross breed

I am always alert

I am good on the lead

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I especially like cuddles

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

I will work for treats and food

Sooty′s Story

Hey pals, I go by the name Sooty!

Now, some of you might recognize me from that video my rescuer shared on social media—the day he plucked me from the chaotic streets. But for those who haven't met me yet, let me spill the kibble on my story.

Picture this: I'm hanging out on the side of a bustling road, a busted chain weighing me down. I'm playing the waiting game, trying to strategize the perfect moment to make a break for it. And just as I summon the courage to dash across, bam! A car screeches to a halt, and out jumps this determined human chasing after me. Talk about an unexpected twist!

Terrified, I make a beeline for cover, attempting to hide under a tractor. Sneaky, right? But this guy, he's like a dog whisperer detective or something. He spots me, slowly closing in. And then, magic happens—he pulls out some irresistible treats. I put up a brave front, trying to resist the temptation, but let's face it, my stomach was singing the song of hunger, and I couldn't ignore the rumbling chorus any longer.

So, I caved. I surrendered to the deliciousness, and in that moment of weakness, the man scooped me up, wearing the biggest grin. "You're safe now, little amigo," he assures me. And just like that, my adventure takes an unexpected turn towards safety and maybe a lifetime supply of tasty treats!


Character & Temperament

Let my pictures do the talking! I'm an adorable pup, a little bundle of joy according to everyone who meets me.

I'm a blend of two incredibly clever breeds! Picture the agility and activeness of a Border Collie combined with the love and loyalty of a German Shepherd.

I'm the epitome of a happy, playful pup, always up for a game or a cuddle. Picture boundless joy, a wagging tail, and a zest for life that's as infectious as giggles. Ready for fun and endless cuddles? I'm your go-to canine companion for turning ordinary days into extraordinary adventures! 

Ideal Home for Sooty

I'm on the lookout for a family tuned into my needs, ready to tackle whatever challenges life throws our way. An active bunch would be perfect since I thrive on outdoor adventures. The ideal home for a pup like me is one filled with energy and a zest for exploration!

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