Martin′s Story

Hi name is Martin, 

I was born in a village out side Larnaca, My mom did her best to take care of me and my siblings, she hid us under a car, one day one of my sibling ran out into the street and a car hit him and killed him on the spot, I was terrified, someone from the council called the police and a nice lady from 2nd Chance Dogs came, she took all of us to the the person with the white robe she called the VET.

We were full of ticks and flees and he got us all cleaned up, the lady took us to the rehoming Center where we where finally safe and sound, my mom and siblings have already found their forever homes now it is my turn..

Character & Temperament

I am a shy boy with a large heart, I shy away from strange humans and little humans at first but once I know they wont hurt me I am all over them, I love to play with the other doggies at the center, I share a run with Jeanette she and I have become best buddies, we love to play with toys, I am a slow eater but don't mind other dogs coming near me while I eat.

Ideal Home for Martin

I would love a home with a big Yard but I am not picky, as long as I can go for walks regularly, a home that has another doggy that I can play with would be Ideal as I gain confidence when I have a playmate with me, I dont mind small children as long as they know how to behave around me. A home that would have someone to give me attention would be amazing.

Trainers Evaluation


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