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I am a small but sparky dog

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I am good on the lead

I am great in the car

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I can be left alone for short periods

I have basic house training

I know how to sit and lots of other cues

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

I need some training

I prefer to be the only dog at home

I will work for treats and food

I would prefer an adult only household

Menios′s Story

Hey folks! I'm the spirited Menios, also known as Yappy Menios. I hail from a family who, well, didn't quite get me. You see, I'm a working dog with a deep desire for purpose and tasks. My ex-family, unfortunately, thought I was more of a couch companion for the kids, but that's not me! Long story short, we decided it was best to part ways, and now I'm on the lookout for a family that understands the needs of an energetic and job-oriented canine like me. If you've got experience and are ready for some enthusiastic companionship, I might just be the perfect fit for your dynamic home!

Character & Temperament

I'm your playful companion who thrives on human company.

Playing fetch is my absolute favorite – that ball is like magic to me!

Now, I must admit, I can get a bit touchy when you try to take away my toys. It's just that I love them so much!

That's why I'm looking for an experienced guardian who can understand my quirks and provide the right guidance.

As a working dog, I'm ready to be your training partner and exercise buddy. Let's embark on this adventure together!

Ideal Home for Menios

Hey, potential forever family! I'm an active and playful dog who's ready to protect my toys and food, but with the right guidance, I can learn not to. Now, here's the thing – I prefer a peaceful environment without kids or other dogs. I just want to be the center of your world, and I promise to fill it with love, fun, and a whole lot of energy! If you're looking for a loyal companion who knows how to have a good time, I'm your perfect match. With an experienced guardian and knowledge on resource guarding, we can build a strong bond and enjoy life together!

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