I am a cross breed

I am a gentle giant

I am always alert

I am child friendly

I am good on the lead

I am great in the car

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I can be left alone for short periods

I especially like cuddles

I know how to sit and lots of other cues

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

I prefer to be the only dog at home

I will work for treats and food

Danny′s Story

Hi my name is Danny.

My previous owner put me in the car one day and left me in the middle of nowhere. I was so scared and didn’t know what to do, so I just kept walking hoping I would find my way home. I got in the highway and all these big metal cars just kept slinging by and I was so scared I hide in the bushes for a long time. After a while, a nice lady with some yummy treats stopped, she put a collar on my head and took me to her car. I never felt so relieved....

She took me to the re-homing center where I now live. They take good care of me but I really want to find a home to call my own. 

Character & Temperament

I love to play with toys, especially balls and things I can tug. I love it when my carers give me attention and especially I just love to lie on my back and get belly rubs all day. I am a heavy dog for my height and sometimes I don’t realize that.. My trainer is a nice guy that keeps giving me yummy treats when I do things he likes. I have learnt to sit and go down... It’s a lot of fun at the center but I really would love a home... I am good with all humans even though some feel intimidated by my heavy look. I am actually all mushy inside... 

I don’t mind sharing my food and love to have company as I love humans. After all, a human is a dog’s best friend...

Ideal Home for Danny

I would love a home that would take care of me and spend some time to train with me. As I said I am a heavy boy so a home with older children over 14 years old its better for me. A nice yard would be nice but not picky if I could get regular walks. An experienced home that have had big doggies like me would be a preference. Probably a home with no other dogs or at least no other small dogs.

Most importantly is a home that would love me because I have lots of love to give back.  I warn you I am very loyal boy!


Trainers Evaluation


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