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Malfoy′s Story

My name is Malfoy and I am a rescue dog. I think I was either born from a stray mom or someone just dumped me in the streets. I am not sure. All I know is that I met the “bad face” of the world very early in my life…. I was roaming the streets hungry and scared to death, next to a busy road looking for food in the garbage…. Some kids from the school saw me and they informed a 2nd Chance volunteer who rushed there and collected me. I was so happy and relieved when she hugged me and told me that I am safe now….



Character & Temperament

I am great with cats, kids and other dogs. I love cuddles so much, but I am a bit shy to ask for them, so I will stay there looking at you and I will wait for you to hug me and kiss me…. I am a very loving and sweet puppy. I am more a follower than a leader. I usually do what the other doggies do - if they play, I will play with them… If they rest, I will find a corner to rest too….

Ideal Home for Malfoy

I can live with other dogs and/or cats and/or kids but I can also be the only pet in the house, even though I would prefer some four-legged company to help me flourish.

Trainers Evaluation


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