Prince - Available for adoption Available for adoption


I am a cross breed

I am a gentle giant

I am a live wire

I am always alert

I am child friendly

I am good on the lead

I am great in the car

I especially like cuddles

I prefer not to live with cats

I will work for treats and food

Prince′s Story

Hi im Prince Tall, well not as tall as Prince William but still Tall! Please just call me Prince! The rightful heir of the gorgeous royal dog family! When I was a puppy I was so tiny. 2 months old and just over 2kg. My mummy loved me! I was so small and adorable. She thought I would stay small forever. But, I started growing up, started playing more and making a bit of a mess. I know human babies do that as well, right?! Nonetheless, I started growing up to this tall handsome young man, and my mum wasn’t pleased with my size. She used to leave me on the balcony locked out for the majority of the day even though she knew I wasn’t happy at all. I could tell she was in between this massive dilemma. To give me up or to leave me here unhappy. Thankfully she made the right decision of seeking help from 2nd chance dogs who took me in with open arms. I get to play with the volunteers and get to be taken good care of by the people here. I feel happy again and I’m loving it! I know I would be even happier in the arms of my new family!

Character & Temperament

I am a playful and energetic dog. Very young and full of life. I am very human-oriented and enjoy hugs and kisses. I love to run, play and go on long walks. I can sometimes be overly excited and bouncy, so probably not great with very young kids as I may knock them down by accident. I prefer not to live with cats.

Ideal Home for Prince

I would love an active home with a nice garden so i can have plenty of mental stimulation and play games such as chase,fetch and tug. I am after all a big boy and need lots of exercise but i can also be a couch potato and snuggle with you and watch tv.

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