Miranda′s Story

Hi my name is Miranda. I was abandoned at the local pound by my previous owner because I was getting old. I was crying day and night thinking why don’t they love me anymore? I am still a joyful doggy full of life. I couldn’t believe it. And to be fair, we all know what happens to dogs my age at the municipality pounds. We are given 15 days and then…..euthanasia comes in the picture. I couldn’t stop crying. 2ndchancedogs visited the pound to save some other doggies and heard me crying so much that they immediately rescued me. They took me to the vet as soon as we left the pound. They wanted to make sure I was healthy and pain free. Unfortunately, due to my age, I have arthritis. They insisted though that I get more tests done as they could see that something else was bothering me. After many examinations I was diagnosed with kidney issues and with a very serious problem with her teeth (periodontitis). Due to my poor kidney state, I need to eat a very expensive pharmaceutical dog food and need to have a proper treatment to feel better. My vet’s bill is already high and with all needed done, I am sure it will sky rocket in no time… I am so grateful for all the support and love I get from 2ndchancedogs. All the volunteers and donors. I am a lovely dog, I’ve adopted to the new environment, and I am ready to join a family as soon as possible! A family who will see passed my age and help me be pain free.

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