I am a cross breed

I am a live wire

I am a small but sparky dog

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I am good on the lead

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I can be left alone for short periods

I especially like cuddles

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

I prefer not to live with cats

Cinnamon′s Story

Hi I’m Cinnamon! I am ex-military dog, can you tell? Okay you got me, not really a military dog! I was just born at a military camp! I’m actually a couch potato! My short legs wouldn’t stand a day in the military. Nonetheless, one of the soldier’s there felt sorry of me and took me down to his grandma’s house so I can keep her company as she is old and alone. Unfortunately, one day my poor new friend fell down and injured her leg up to the point where she needed surgery. I was very worried about her. She couldn’t feed me nor take care of herself 100% and unluckily for both of us, she was placed in a retirement home and I was left all alone, tied up outside the house all day long. My mummy was sad when she found out that I was left alone and tied up and she asked if I could join the marvellous team at 2nd chance dogs. Of course they said yes, I mean look at me, I am the cutest ever! So cut the long story short, I am ready to be loved again! I am adorable and can blend easily in a hooman family again!  

Character & Temperament

I am a really playful and happy doggy. Love cuddles and human attention and interaction. I am good with other doggies but my feelings for cats are a little complicated. I will bark and chase cats that are afraid of me but I am not bothered by dog savvy cats, that don't pay any attention to me. 

I love kids and men and women alike. I enjoy long walks and playing. I am good on the lead and really excited when I even see one. 

Ideal Home for Cinnamon

I would love a home with kids and a garden. Not sure If I was too happy at an apartment as I am really energetic and love to run. 

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