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I am a couch potato

I am a cross breed

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I am friendly to cats

I am good on the lead

I am great in the car

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I need some training

I will work for treats and food

Alona′s Story

Hello. My name is Alona. I know I am gorgeous! Don't you agree? Unfortunately, this wasn't always the case. In fact, back in August, I was on the verge of dying. When I was rescued, I was severely anemic, skinny and my body was full of wounds. I wanted to live but I just didn't have the strength to go on hoping. I couldn't find help from anybody. I got into houses' yards asking for help but instead, I was chased with brooms,  cold water and stones were thrown at me and I was threatened with a gun once. I remember that there was a kind lady that tried to help me, but I was too scared and run away. She kept leaving me food. Slowly, slowly I started to trust her and followed her at her place. At last some peace and safety. This lady contacted many rescues and asked for help, as she was leaving Cyprus, but she always got the same response: "We can't help. We are full!". Luckily, in a last desperate attempt, she contacted 2nd Chance Dogs. They were also full, but when they saw my photo, they couldn't look the other way. They agreed to take me in and go into foster. The vet said that I wouldn't last even one more week on the streets. I underwent lots of treatments and now my condition is stable although i need regular vet visits .

Character & Temperament

Easy-going dog. Loves people and especially kids. If you are looking for a "zen" yet active dog then here I am. I would fit into any kind of family. I get along great with other dogs and cats as well. Love to stretch on the sofa and have a cuddle in bed. 

Ideal Home for Alona

I would fit perfectly in a quiet home or a noisy home. Either would be just fine. Get on we'll with men, women, kids and adults. I am stranger-friendly and a calm dog. Would like an active family but I would't mind a laid back family too. Can go hiking but also chill on the sofa for hours. 

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