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I am always alert

I am dog friendly

I am shy and need time to settle

I need help to learn to ride in the car

I need some training

I will work for treats and food

Oasis′s Story

Hey im Oasis! I know you can’t tell, but back in the day I was a stray and someone took me to the local pound of the area I was found. The environment there was not ideal for me to overcome my fears. As a result I ended up being incredibly stressed, I was shaking in fear and it wasn’t easy for me to trust anyone. I spent 3 months in there without any progress.

As soon as the 2ndchancedogs team heard about me, they we kind enough to offer me a place at their centre, which in my opinion was considerably better for me and my stress at that time. That was in 2019. I am still here, all happy and strong. I learned to trust the people here and Im no longer that stressed or scared. But in all fairness I think something is missing. I mean, I like my life here, but I want to have the opportunity to feel what is like to be  part of a family in a home. Im learning a lot from my friends here and its sad to see them all go to their forever home. Im happy for them but its really sad for me to watch them leaving one by one. I mean when will my turn come? 

Character & Temperament

I am a timid and shy boy but i m getting better and better every day with the help of my doggie friends  ,the carers and the volunteers in the centre.

Ideal Home for Oasis

Some one that has the patience and time to help me learn how to trust humans again, I am going through a behaviour modification program that will help come out of my shell. I am getting better every day that goes by.

Trainers Evaluation


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