Evi′s Story

We see so much cruelty but Sometimes we are suprised at the kindness of people! There is hope after all...Her name is EVI and she has now joined 2nd chance 4 life.This is how her rescuer described how she was saved this morning: ""I was driving on the highway on my way to work this morning .. as I went past an offramp, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a car slowing down and then taking off with speed .. at the same time I saw what looked like a dog running out of fear and limping.. I immediatly understood that the vehicle had just ran over the dog and then drove off.. I pulled over my car and reversed some 400 meters back to the off ramp. I saw a man on a motor bike who had stopped and tried to call the scared injured dog towards him.. but the poor thing was in pain, in shock and looked terrified... The dog ran back towards the highway so I followed her and tried to block her from making her way onto the busy highway .. unfortunatly she was too scared .. as I saw her run directly into the middle of the road I thought to myself I cannot watch this as I expected a car to come along and flatten her.. lucky for her there were no vehicles at that time but I could see several cars speeding and closing in on my rear view mirror, as I follwed her on the highway. I drove in the middle of the highway and was joined by the man on the motor bike and we managed to keep all the cars behind us while the injured terrified dog was hopping along infront of us.. Eventually the poor thing stopped running so we halted on the highway with a chain of cars and trucks all now stopped dead still on the busy highway.. The dog run under a big heavy industrial truck which had stopped three cars behind us One man asked me as he got out of his car "is this your dog?" when I replied "no shes a stray! but if we leave her here she will certinally die on this highway" he couldnt believe I had stopped the traffic for a stray but was inspired to help and joined in. Together with this man, a few people who got out of thier cars and the man on the motor bike we manged to corner her under the large truck.. I crawled under the truck and grabbed her gently, as I didnt know if she had any serious injuries. I remeber telling my self in my head "if she bites I am not letting her go.. she can bite all she wants.." I picked her up and crawled out under the large truck with her, I could feel her trembling in my arms as I put her into my car.. The people who where there and the cars who had stopped stopped all cheered.. I took her to our vet immediatly there was blood stains on my shirt and pants and blood on the back seat.. It turns out that it was her lucky day .. the blood was from a damaged paw and various scratches and wounds which were superficial.. She is in a stable condition with no broken bones and is at the vets being monitored for the next 24 hours. I would like to say thank you to all those people who stopped on the highway to help this beautiful dog. Even thou sometimes it doesnt seem that way this made me understand that there are allot of people in this country which are capable of great things and exrtreme kindness! If the man on the motorbike didnt stop to try call her. If I didnt pull over and follow her. If the vehicles didnt halt on the highway. If the people didnt get out of thier cars to help. This dog would have been lost! It only cost us all 5 mins of our busy day to save this dog. But for this beatiful girl.. for her it would mean that she would have the rest of her life to live."" Now she is lucky to join us at our 2nd chance rescue center until we find her a forever home ..

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