Things worth shouting about!

“I could not resist !”

“I saw Peggy ages ago and kept seeing her on updates and pleas for a home etc and finally took the plunge to adopt her and after waiting a few months she finally arrived. I could not resist her little face and am so lucky to of rehomed my little Peggy Sue. She is my shadow and always sits on my knee and escapes out of the garden to find me if I’m in the stables just outside. She is a treasure and even though it was awful that her previous owner dumped her I am very happy I found her. I love her to pieces. Thank you all for all you did to help me and my little Peggy Sue.”

Caroline Best
“I was looking for a black Labrador”

Ronaldo’s picture was sent to me by someone who knew I was looking for a black Labrador to keep my last surviving dog company. I said I would foster him, as really I wanted a lady dog. I was surprised at how big and strong he was, but he is very gentle and he quickly made himself at home. My old dog isn’t 100% convinced, but he loves her ! He has made lots of friends and he is, of course, now fully adopted.

Pat Smith
I can’t imagine life without our little minxie girl!

“We were getting ready for our honeymoon a few weeks after we got married, when a photo popped up on facebook of a beautiful GSD cross with the most enormous ears….this was Chiva. It was love at first sight, although my husband kept calling her Bat Dog! So our romantic week away (with our GSD/Malamute!) was spent in great discussion about whether it was the right time to add to our little family. Loads of emails and chatter flew back and forth on the internet, and we made the decision to bring her home to us. We finally got to meet her at Gatwick airport at around 4am on 19th January one year ago. She was timid, hungry, cold and nervous. When we walked in the front door with her our GSD boy ran up to her, wondering what on earth we had brought home!! She was half his size and weight but decided there and then that she wasn’t going to be bullied…for the next two hours every time he so much as looked at her she barked at him! She is a bossy little thing! At first she was very independent, not too sure of cuddles, and made a dash for it every time we opened the front door. Over time the bond with all of us has strengthened and now she runs up for cuddles every morning and whenever I come into the room smile emoticon. She took the lead from our other dog and has been absolutely perfect in the house – no accidents, no chewing, learned quickly where she was allowed and not supposed to go. They are great friends and such wonderful company for each other. They play a lot and he spends a lot of time washing her huge ears! She loves the car and we spend a lot of time going back and forth to visit my elderly mum who adores her too. I can’t imagine life without our little minxie girl! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who helped her along her way, especially Doris, Mario and Lena xxx”

Zena Khan
I would definitely adopt a rescue dog from Cyprus again – the love they give you is totally worth it

“This is Ella ( who we have now named Ellie). I came across Ellie’s story one Saturday night, she had not had a good start in life and I could not stop thinking about her. I asked lots of questions as Ellie suffers from Leish and I wanted to know all the details before committing to adoption. Before I knew it we had passed the home check and Ellie was flying over at the start of December 2015. She was very scared when she first arrived but soon settled in and after 5 weeks with us, is now a cheeky monkey who wakes me up for a cuddle in the morning before going back to sleep. She is adorable and loves her big doggie sister Bella (hence why we had to change the name from Ella too confusing) to bits. X”

Adele Roberts
I feel he is one if the best thing’s I have ever done in my life

“This is Robin….I fell in love with him at first sight after Mary Anne posted him on a Jack Russell Page. …I was soooo excited when my adoption was confirmed and he came into our lives on 22nd April 15. ..He now has a brother ( Freddie ) and a sister (Daisy ) and Jacob and Bella are his feline cousin’s !!! He settled perfectly into our family xx”

Sandy Harrison
Their team are a DREAM TEAM!!

“ We first saw our boy, then called Amigo, on a posting from Helen Monkhouse. I had enquired about adoption of a young male cross breed and Helen sent us pictures from many different agencies in Cyprus.

As soon as I saw Amigo I just knew he was for us!! His foster mum, Matina Kala Krasa, got him out of the pound and into her home and the process to get him home began!!

He’s settled well, fitted in with our other dog and our life style, better than we dared hope!! He is now called Wilf and thanks to them and their amazing work, he found us and we found him!! ”

Denise Quail
We are so so happy to have Bobbi with us.

” We already had 2 French Bulldogs, but it was always a dream of me to save a dog from a pound overseas. Then I saw Bobbi (Pastelle) and she was everything we wish for. Hanneke arranged with Doris and Matina to get her out of the pound and bring her to Jacqueline. She stayed there for about 3,5 weeks in a foster care.

Four weeks after I saw her first, Bobbi flew to Brussel where we see each other for the first time, and it was immediately love in first sight!

We took her home and the Bulldogs and the cat were a match made in heaven with Bobbi. They are best friends from the first sight. A week after Bobbi came, my husband came home. He was for work overseas. And because Bobbi slept on a t-shirt that my husband wore, she recognized him immediately.

She is so intelligent and happy, even our old bulldog feels like a puppy again. They play and play all the time….  ”

Stella Maas-Gaarenstroom
My boy was just a photo in my news feed

«My boy was just a photo in my news feed.. One of my friends just happened to share it… We’ll wow… Instant love when I saw him… Worked hard to raise his adoption fees.. Then the battle for his flight fees lol.. Tensely watching each day to see if the fund had gone up…. Then finally the day came to pick him up! So bulshy and confident whilst the others were scared.. Wanting to sniff everyone’s bottom lol.. The blanket filled with my scent must have worked haha… I knew right then he was meant for me. Love my blue a billion trillion tones over xx»

Samantha Claire