Johnny (aka Judge) - Available for adoption Available for adoption


I am a gentle giant

I am a live wire

I am always alert

I am child friendly

I am good on the lead

I am very clever

I especially like cuddles

I have basic house training

I know how to sit and lots of other cues

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

I prefer not to live with cats

I prefer to be the only dog at home

I will work for treats and food

I would prefer an adult only household

Johnny (aka Judge)′s Story

Hey in Johnny (aka Judge). Join me to share with you my tragic story.

When I was a puppy, in the UK, my dad and I were inseparable. We did everything together. We trained together, played together, oh I loved working with him! He had so many toys for me to play with, I was rewarded with treats for all the great things I was doing! Life was amazing! I was so happy!

My dad then decided to move to the beautiful, sunny, Mediterranean island called Cyprus! Oh my, the sun, the sea, an absolute paradise! Unfortunately, my dad got addicted to drugs and the day the police came looking for him I was left alone and run away looking for him, wondering clueless in the streets. I was looking for days with no luck. As expected, I lost weight, go weak and ended up in a pound in a Village close to Larnaca. I was very sad and stressed.

The volunteer there mistook my stress for a disease I guess and took me to the vet to be euthanised. She left me there…and left…all alone…

A few hours later, my guardian angel came by to visit the vet for another dog, and asked the vet why such a handsome boy like me was there. The vet informed her that they were going to euthanise me and she got so upset that she nearly turned as red as a tomato. She demanded that they run tests on me to see if I do indeed have a terminal disease and that the expenses would be on her. My beautiful guardian angel, I am so grateful that you stood up for me! I wasn’t sick after all, woop woop!! The results came out and she looked at me and said “you are safe with me now”. I never felt more sure and safe in my entire life! She smiled and took me to the rehoming and rehabilitation centre called 2ndchancedogs, where I now live and enjoy life stress-free.

Character & Temperament

I am a busy body, I love to work and do things, as I am a working dog I love to play with kongs and other toys that provide me mental stimulation, I also love to play fetch and will work for toys.

I am amazing on lead, have knowledge of various cues Sit ,Stay, Down, Leave it etc.

I am great with humans and children, I don't have any issues with strangers, have no issues with food when there are others nearby.

I get stressed when I am confined and need something to keep me busy.

I love belly rubs and being calmly stroked.

Ideal Home for Johnny (aka Judge)

I would love a busy home where I can be involved in the lives of a family. Would love a big YARD and also need a place where I can have to keep calm and chill out away from all, a nice quite place. Would prefer a home with older children that know how to behave around dogs. Most probably a home as an only dog would be my preference.

I need a home where my owner can spend time with me so a home that has somone around most of the day would be SUPER


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