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I am a couch potato

I am a cross breed

I am a small but sparky dog

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I am good on the lead

I am great in the car

I am very clever

I can be left alone for short periods

I especially like cuddles

I have basic house training

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

I will work for treats and food

Evi′s Story

I escaped from my previous owner, and walked and roamed until I got onto a busy highway... all the cars where going so fast I didn't know how to get away from this busy road, there was no where to get out.... a car stopped and a nice man called me ... I was too scared to go to him so I ran as fast as I could ... he followed me on the highway and stopped all the traffic on the road ... another man got out of the car and ran towards me.... so I hid under one of the trucks that stopped on the highway.... The man came and got me.. I was trembling of fear but he seemed so nice.. he whispered into my ear " don't be scared you are a 2nd chance dog now" and the rest is history...

Character & Temperament

I am really a doggy that loves to be around people and small children, I am very sociable and love to play with other doggies... I am very playful and love to run around with other doggies I would love to have a couch that I can call my own.. 

Ideal Home for Evi

I would love to be part of a family, I have so much to offer, a home with a small garden would be nice however I could settle with a few walks a day as I am easy going and can fit in anywhere. I would love to have a brother or a sister to play with. 

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