Students from Pascal Education had the opportunity to visit our Centre recently, generously giving us their time, for us to show them the work we do in caring for all the dogs we have under our wing, but also to jointly explore the importance and effects that volunteering has on the lives of innocent souls such as dogs.

The reality that hits us every single day here at the Centre, is that our society is far behind concerning animal welfare. Every day, we become witnesses of cruelty and indifference from humans against animals, giving us slim hopes for a change. Every dog we take under our protection has both physical and mental traumas which need an exhausting amount of effort and hard work to heal. Our work here is not a walk in the park and our society constantly proves that their priorities in terms of daily life are different. Animal welfare is a matter of education, something which most of us didn’t have to opportunity to receive at a young age.

But when a group of teens full of life like the students of Pascal Education come here willingly and with an abundance of enthusiasm to learn how to help dogs in need, it gives us sparks of hope that the future of animal welfare and volunteerism is not so bleak.

“Change only must come from the new generation,” said Doris Karagianni, one of the founders of 2nd Chance Dogs. “The hope for change comes from the youth, who already have an embedded, different mentality from us and who are willing to learn the value of volunteerism, but also experience the unique feeling of helping a creature in need. To give a second chance in life!”

Within the context of the “Theory of Change” a program that aims to educate the young about good volunteering practices, but also to tackle the root of the problem when it comes to stray dogs, 2nd Chance Dogs is always willing to welcome groups of young people who wish to change the world, by bringing upon us, a much-needed moral reform into society.

Warm thanks to Elena Gavriilidou the teacher who took the initiative for the visit by Pascal Education students, but also for her heartful donation for our Moggy’s operation.

*All photos and videos were taken with the approval of both the teacher and the kids.