For us, animal welfare and volunteering are lessons we had to learn in our adult lives, to tend to our worries when it comes to the animals who need us.

We could consider ourselves lucky for what we have learned so far and for the experience we gained in helping all the dogs we have under our protection, but at the end of the day it is not about luck, but about choice.

This doesn’t have to be the case for all. We can change the script and we can invest in educating youngsters. All those people who will become the future volunteers, animal caretakers and dog owners. We can transmit the “flame” of caring from a younger age, giving them the tools to support their already existing morals, to create a better world. A better society.

In the context of “Theory of Change”, the educational program by 2nd Chance Dogs which aims to change the behavior towards animals and dogs, in particular, Marios Papadimas the COO of the centre, recently gave a presentation to students of Pascal Educations, highlighting the responsibilities that a dog owner has when it comes to the welfare of the animal.

The lecture was given for two separate classes, as the kids had the opportunity to participate in an interactive environment where dog well-being and good practices when having a dog at home, were the main focus.

Among other things, the children learned about the work that is done at 2nd Chance Dogs and also good practices of volunteering. It was mutually agreed that the students will soon visit the Center to see the work of 2nd Chance Dogs up close.

Through a strong dedication to our goal which is, targeted education from a young age, we tackle a deeply rooted problem in our country, which is the increasing amount of stray and abused animals. Only through the eyes of the younger generation, a generation that has a different way of thinking and is more sensitive to the environment and animal welfare, that is willing to take bold initiatives and ideas, will we face the inability of the previous generation to eliminate the problem of neglect and abuse of the innocent creatures which the greatest thing they ave to offer to humans is unconditional love.