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I am a cross breed

I am dog friendly

I am good on the lead

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I especially like cuddles

I love fuss and attention

I will work for treats and food

Layla′s Story

My name is Layla, or at least that's what they call me now. There was a time when I didn't have a name, when I roamed the streets with no one to call my own. I remember the day I was left behind, discarded like an old toy that no one wanted to play with anymore.Days turned into nights, and nights into weeks. I wandered the streets, searching for scraps to eat and a friendly face to comfort me. One day, a kind soul noticed me. She saw the sadness in my eyes and the scars on my heart. With gentle words and a warm touch, she offered me a glimmer of hope. She called for help, and that's when the angels from the rescue organization arrived.

Character & Temperament

Hey there, humans! It's me, the life enthusiast, the tail-wagger extraordinaire – your new best friend! And let me tell you, I've got charm that can melt even the iciest hearts.

First things first, I'm a cuddle connoisseur. Seriously, if there were a gold medal for cuddling, I'd be an Olympic champion. I live for those belly rubs and ear scratches – the good stuff, you know?

Now, let's talk about walks. I don't just walk; I strut. Leash? Oh, please, it's my fashion accessory. I've mastered the art of the leash – no tangles, no fuss. You'd think I'm on a doggy runway, turning heads left and right.

Oh, and the attention! I crave it like a pup craves treats. Humans, prepare to be showered with love. I'm not just friendly; I'm a love machine. Cuddles, kisses, you name it – I've got it in abundance.

But wait, there's more! I'm not just about humans; I'm a social butterfly with my fellow furry friends. Dog parties? Count me in! I've got a tail-wagging invitation to every playdate in town.

Ideal Home for Layla

So,you're probably wondering, "What's the perfect home for this ball of fun?" Well, let me break it down for you. 

I'm a socialite. Give me a home where humans love to share cuddles and affection – a place where belly rubs flow like a never-ending river. Yes, please!

If there's another doggy companion around, that's the icing on the cake. Playdates, zoomies, and endless adventures – count me in!

A home with humans who love strolling, exploring, and maybe even some hiking – that's my dream. I'll bring my A-game to leash walks, turning every outing into a delightful canine fashion show.

And here's the grand finale – a family with hearts as big as mine. If you're ready for a lifetime of laughter, cuddles, and adventures, I'm your girl.

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