Lounar′s Story

Hello! I am Lounar, Lounar the kokoni. I am just a young girl that grew up in a typical Cypriot family. My mother was not neutered and she gave birth to many puppies. One of those puppies was me. I was so cute that she wanted to keep me, so she gave my mother away instead! She kept me and two of my brothers. I was living a good life for some time and then my belly kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. My owner said I was going to be a mommy as well and that is exactly what happened. Even though I am a tiny girl I managed to give birth to 10 babies! I was so proud but also so tired and stressed. When my babies became about a month old, my owner started taking them away from me. When just 3 of them were left, my human mommy decided she no longer wanted me, as she was going to keep the puppies. I was so sad and scared when a lady came to pick me up but then she took me to a very nice home and she called it a foster. I learned so many things here and my foster daddy says I am a very clever and funny girl. "The foster" home is very nice but I need a forever home! Would you be interested in a cute little girl that just loves everybody? 

Character & Temperament

I am very friendly, loving, cuddly and always happy.

Ideal Home for Lounar

I would fit into any home but I would florist in a home with kids. I absolutely love and trust kids. Warm up to them right away. I need just a minute or two with adults and even though I am good with other doggies, I am not really fond of dogs that "get into my face" and are overly enthusiastic, from the start. 

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