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Nathan′s Story

My name is Nathan and I have suffered a lot in my life. You see, I was a hunting dog, and as expected in Cyprus, I was left in a tiny cage to sleep on the floor along with my feces. I did not have clean water. I only remember a bucket with green water and some leftovers to eat. My owner did not care at all. As time went by, I got older. Due to the fact that I was not properly taken care of, I got sick and ended up with a massive vet bill. That’s when my previous owner decided I was no longer good for him and I ended up on the streets not knowing how to survive. I was roaming around a village for the whole summer period. I was so thirsty, hugry and exchausted as I was still sick. A lot of people tried to catch me but as expected I could not trust them. I didn’t know if they really wanted to help me.

One day, I was so weak I couldn’t even walk and I thought I should give up. An individual saw me and called the 2ndchancedogs team and told them that I was about to die. It was midnight so I did not expect anyone would come and rescue me. to mu surprise, the 2ndchancedogs team rushed to my rescue. They took me to the vet immediately. My teeth are in a bad condition as I’ve been eating leftovers and bones all my life in that locked up cage I used to live. I also have a problem with my spine, my back legs, my eyes and unfortunately im suffering from leishmaniasis as well. Even though things are not as I imaged they would be in my life, I now feel positive as I am in the right hands. The team here at 2ndchancedogs is looking after me, showing me love and affection. I will get better soon and I am hoping that I will be able to join a loving family for my remaining years.

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