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Bertie ′s Story

Hello, I'm Bertie, and my journey has been marked by hardship and loneliness. Abandoned and left to roam the unforgiving streets, I stumbled upon a kiosk, driven by the desperate need for food and water. The people there, despite their attempts to help, called the police, unknowingly setting off a chain of events that would deepen my distress.

When the authorities arrived, my hopes were shattered. They tied me to a tree with a coarse rope, and municipal personnel gathered, oblivious to my exhaustion, hunger, and thirst. Over 15 faces passed by that day, each one failing to grasp the weight of my suffering. Calls were made to various services, including the vet, yet understanding remained elusive.

It was only when the 2nd Chance Dogs team stepped onto the scene that a glimmer of compassion appeared. Finally, I received the basic necessities—food and water. Their approach was different; they recognized my need for space and treated me with kindness. A trip to the vet followed, revealing the haunting remnants of bullets from a painful past. Despite my attempts to convey the deep-seated fear of humans resulting from these wounds, only the 2nd Chance Dogs team truly comprehended.

Now, within the confines of the rehoming and rehabilitation center, I find solace. Clean water and nourishing food bring a semblance of comfort. Yet, the journey to trust is slow, taken one tentative step at a time, guided by the wisdom of the trainer.

Character & Temperament

I'm very afraid of humans after what they've done to me. The scars run deep, and I remain incredibly wary of strangers. My instinct is to make them go away, as the trust that was shattered is still on the mend.

Ideal Home for Bertie


I'm not ready to be rehomed just yet. I'm still in the process of learning how to be a dog again and rebuilding my trust in humans.

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