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I am a couch potato

I am a cross breed

I am child friendly

I am good on the lead

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I can be left alone for short periods

I especially like cuddles

I have basic house training

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

I prefer to be the only dog at home

I will work for treats and food

Felicia′s Story


Felicia is in UK for the last 2 years but her family decided to rehome her as the relationship between the resident dog and Felicia has broken down. Felicia is not to blame for this breakdown.

The two dogs were complete opposites and the resident dog has never made Felicia completely welcome. Early fights were because the dogs couldn't share anything so all toys had to be removed. Later some toys were reintroduced in the garden only. The family realized that Felicia is unhappy with the present situation. They describe her as a very gentle, kind, loving dog and they state that none of this is Felicia's fault.


Felicia's passport birthday is 1st May 2020 so she is 3 years old. She is fully grown.

Height  60cm floor to the top of her back. Length  85cm from nose to the end of her body.

Tail Length 39cm & Weight 27kg & Collar size is medium

Felicia is a beautiful dog. She is a large mixed hound. She is mainly white with brown freckles. She has a tan head with black patches on her muzzle. Her tail is brown black and white. Her coat is smooth but thick. She is house trained. She is neutered. She sleeps through the night almost every night.


  • Morning-She wakes up about 7am
  • Garden visit- toileting
  • Breakfast 9-9:30am
  • Walk- with us 10-12 noon
  • Felicia has regular booked sessions with a professional walker Monday, Wednesday, Friday (resident dog also joins in on Fridays since 6 weeks ago)
  • Felicia has had these activity group walks since she was 8 months old.
  • Garden - toilet and playing.
  • Lunchtime- dog nap
  • Garden- playtime
  • At home resting 3-5pm
  • Garden between 5-6pm
  • Dinner time between 6pm- 7pm
  • Garden -7-8pm
  • At home 8-9:30pm resting
  • Garden- toileting 9:30-10pm
  • Bed time 10-10:30pm.





She is booked in 3x every week with a professional walker. These walks are high energy, outdoor activity all weather cross coutry walks. These are group dog walks.These are Felicia's happiest times.

Felicia is collected from the house and she is always very excited to go. She leaves the house calmly. She travels in a crate in the mini bus and sometimes she shares her crate. She is always perfectly behaved on her walks with the walker.

Felicia loves her walker and she has bonded brilliantly with all the other dogs on her group walk. There are different dogs on different walks and sometimes new dogs join in. Felicia is always perfectly behaved on her walks with the walker.

Felicia also has lead walks with her walker. The walker uses a collar and lead. Felicia is very good on the lead with her walker again mostly in a group of dogs.

Felicia has also joined the walker for day care a few times both with and without the resident dog. Felicia is always perfectly behaved.

The family gets regular photos and videos of Felicia on these walks and they have also joined in with the walks so they know that Felicia's behaviour is great when she is out.

When her current family take Felicia out she gets very over excited, and she pulls so they use a no pull harness with a front attachment. She is unsettled walking along the road and when she sees other dogs, but she is friendly to people although she wants to jump up so she is not able to meet them. When out in the parks they use a long line. She is better walking back home unless she sees another dog. When she is in the car with them she is unsettled as well, so the family strongly believes that they are doing something wrong on their walks with Felicia, as with the dog walker her behavior is perfect.


Sometimes the family drive to lead walk her for variety, harbours, nature reserve, public areas through fields, woodland. Felicia prefers to be off lead.

Felicia is a very good eater. She never refusing a meal. She is feeding separate from the residence dog.

Felicia likes:-


  • Everyone she has met
  • Being outside
  • Jumping
  • Climbing
  • Running off lead
  • Sniff searching
  • Digging
  • Food
  • Treats
  • Being stroked hugged cuddled massaged
  • Playing with toys outdoor
  • Playing with toys indoors separate room only
  • All outdoor games
  • Chasing balls
  • Stalking and hunting
  • Swimming in any type of water

She prefers to be the only dog in the family as she loves attention so much.

Character & Temperament

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Ideal Home for Felicia

Under Assessment

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