Gary′s Story

Gary is one of Duchess pups that survived in the filthy pound. Below the story of the little family. --------- Duchess and her pups were found on 17/6/17 in a filthy stinking pound. No food no water no shade. In 42 degree heat. The trodden in faces was 2 inches thick in places. Flies and magots everywhere . The puppies still had their eyes closed. It transpires that Duchess was dumped at the pound. Heavily pregnant & with a broken leg. The men at the pound who are duty bound by law to seek medical attention for ill and injured dogs had not sought any medical attention at all and just left her there to suffer. Duchess originally had 6 puppies as far as we know. When our volunteer found them, one was already dead and had been moved from the cage and tossed by the side and left there to rot on the concrete. The other 5 were close to death Very week and so badly affected by the heat. Duchess was desperately trying to get out that cage. Biting and pulling at the bars...she was trying to save her dying puppies..trying to get them out of the heat. 2 more had died by the time the volunteer could get them out of the pound so the volunteer took Duchess and her 3 remaining pups home. After 3 months they have grown and the volunteer who rescued them and fostered them couldnt cope so we took all 3 and mum under our care.

Character & Temperament

Gary loves to be around humans and seeks for attention and love,he is a very soulful dog with so much love to give,a very good character with a clam nature and he has recently diagnosed with a hip dysplasia and soon enough will be operated,what amazes us is that he lives in pain poor boy but you cant tell as he is always such a good boy.

Ideal Home for Gary

Under Assessment

Trainers Evaluation


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