Rose′s Story

Her name is ROSE… Her story is long and a bit confusing… All we know about her past is that ROSE was rescued with her newborn puppies a year or two ago from another rescue here in Cyprus… The rescue put them all in a private kennel and managed to rehome some of her puppies. The next thing we know about her is that she got pregnant again in the private kennel (!!) and a British rescue stepped in and decided to help her this time. Due to the very good cooperation we have with the British rescue, they asked us to keep ROSE and the two pups she had from the second litter safe at our centre for a while to socialize them and prepare them for their forever homes. The two pups soon enough found their families and now they are happily adopted in UK. Unfortunately ROSE wasn’t so lucky as she didn’t have any enquiries. She has been with us since March 2017, and has settled in so well here that we decided to take her under our care, as we feel it’s not fair for her to move around to different places all the time. ROSE is a wonderful dog, one of the most calm, beautiful natured dogs at our centre. Almost all the dogs love her. She is a very clever and wise girl… Now about her breed… We did a little research and we believe that she is a mix of Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Malinois and Kangal maybe? The sure thing is that she is a Heinz 57 breed and absolutely adorable! Please consider offering her a forever family! She so deserves that….

Character & Temperament

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