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I am a couch potato

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I am friendly to cats

I am great in the car

I am stranger friendly

I am very clever

I love fuss and attention

Tommy′s Story

Hi my name is Tommy, I was taken away from my mommy when I was just a pup, the man the owned my mom did not want us, so he dumped us on a strangers Farm, lucky for me I was rescued by 2nd Chance Dogs they took me in, gave me great food and treats and when I was just seven months old they rehomed me with a new family.

I loved my family so much and loved just being with them all the time.

On Christmas day my life changed. My family left the front door open and I was curious to go outside. 

When I walked into the street a car hit me! I felt pain and was in shock !

I could not feel my back legs anymore.

I was taken to the vet, but he could not do anything to help me.

My family contacted The lady from 2nd Chance Dogs and told her what happen.

I was taken to the 2nd Chance Dogs Vet a couple of days later.

The vet said I would not be able to use my back legs again.

I don't why but my family who ,I loved so much never came back to take me home. :( 

The lady from 2nd Chance dogs came and took me back to the 2nd Chance Dogs Center 

She told me she would never give up on me. Now I am at the 2nd Chance Dogs Center and I hope to have my 2nd Chance with a family that would REALLY Love me.

I hope to find someone who knows I am not perfect but will treat me as if I am.

Character & Temperament

I may be a little broken but will never give up on life!

I am an amazing character an temperament, both before my accident and after, I am great with dogs, very social and curious. I am great with cats too. I love humans both big and small. I can share my food and have absolutely no issues. I may not be able to walk on my hind legs but I have no other issues. I looooooooooooooooooove the company of humans. 



Ideal Home for Tommy

A home that would be able to treat me as if I am part of their family this time. that would be able to take me on a couple of walks a day with my wheelchair.

A family that would not mind having me on wheels following them around the house. I don't need much just need a family that would have the HEART to love me as I am.

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