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I am a couch potato

I am a small but sparky dog

I am dog friendly

I am friendly to cats

I love fuss and attention

Liam′s Story

My name is Liam. I was a stray for more than 1.5 years, roaming around a village and trying to fend for myself and survive with the leftovers from a bakery….

The 2nd Chance team and other people tried numerous times to catch me but I was too clever for my own good. One day I was almost run over by a car in front of their eyes, while I was trying to cross the busy main street, so they knew that they needed to catch me if they didn’t want to see me dead in the next few days.

In cooperation with some lovely ladies, the 2nd Chance team managed to catch me on 11/9/19.

I was very scared and I was shaking like a leaf when they put me in the crate and drove me to the vets.

2nd Chance team says that I am a case of abandonment as I am a Pekingese dog which is quite a popular breed here. I am trying to trust people but its hard for me as they hurt me a lot.

The good thing is that I am great with cats as they were my only company while I was a stray…


Character & Temperament

I am an easy going doggy, love to see whats going on outside and am very curious. I am a doggy that like to be alone but have no problem being around people and other dogs.

Some times I get very excited when I see other playing I just want to join in the fun

Ideal Home for Liam

A home enviroment with a family would be ideal, a couch to call my own and people to make a fuss over me becouse even thou I dont show it, I really love that. Other dogs to playwith would be amazing and a small garden for me to keep myself busy would be super nice!

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