Joseph living the dream

Joseph living the dream

Joseph was found as a stray with his two sisters by volunteers of our organization. Another case of abandonment, these poor dogs would have never survived had they been left alone to fend for themselves.

They were found in a field under the hot sun in a deep dry river. The rescuers tried to call the three doggies to come to them but they kept their distance, not sure if they should trust them  .. it was a risky as they didn’t know if they were going to be frightened off and run away. Luckily after an hour of trying to gain their trust the three little jack russells came slowly towards their rescuers which had plenty of food and water to offer them. First who came was Joseph, the two females were following him. no need to say all of them where rescued and became 2nd Chance Dogs.

Today Joseph is living happily ever after in his forever family. He has a dad who is more like his buddie. They do everything together , road trips , going to the beach , enjoying the snow up on the mountains and lots of other things. Joseph is a gent ! He decides when he wants to sleep and he just go to his bed, he decides when he will be cuddled and for how long and he can be naughty when he wants to be ? I am sure you can understand by looking at his photos ?

 Sir Joseph :)

Sir Joseph 🙂

Message from his new daddy  :

“Joseph is my buddy , it’s like we were together forever . I feel so lucky to have him , it’s like a big gift that life has given to me… I wish he feels the same ? after all he is so spoiled that he is the boss !