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I am a cross breed

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I am good on the lead

I am great in the car

I am stranger friendly

I especially like cuddles

I will work for treats and food

Noodles′s Story

Noodles is currently in UK. He needs a family who isn't overactive and he can be happy with an hour walk per day. He's very people oriented so he will be ok as an only dog. He is a sensitive boy and he will  need reassurance from his new mom and/or dad, until he settled in. He's happy to be with other dog's as long they don't crowd him and respect his space. An older dog would suit him best, definitely not a young dog. He is really easy going, so if someone is retired he would be a great companion for them. Older teenage kids will be ok. He just wants to relax with his people and snuggle up. It’s a boy who likes his comfort. He is a really sweet calm dog who loves to follow you around.

The ideal home for him is a calm household as he is a bit scared of the sudden moves. He will need a garden as he likes to go and spend time and sniff!

His recall needs working as he loves to chase birds.

His foster mom says: He is one of the sweetest dogs I have met.



Hello there. My name is Noodles.

I was found wandering in an unmarked street by a 2nd Chance Dogs volunteer and I was so happy to have seen a person again, that I rushed, and jumped into her car as soon as she opened the door. The volunteer took me straight to the vet to check for a microchip and to examine the general state of my health. The clinical exams and the bloodwork came out clean but unfortunately, I had no microchip. I patiently waited for 15 days as the law instructs, for someone to claim me but nobody showed up. As such, I came to the 2nd Chance Dogs rehabilitation centre, waiting to find a forever home.

Character & Temperament

I am a very good, friendly and quite dog.

I like to play a lot and hang out with other dogs.

I have a soft spot for treats and humans.

Ideal Home for Noodles

I would match with any family whiling to love me and care for me but also provide an abundance of treats.

Trainers Evaluation


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