Keira′s Story

Hi I am Keira

Let me tell you my story, Imy owner took me to a village outside of Nicosia dropped me off and dissapeared, I didnt understand why, so I was wondering in the streets looking for my owner maybe he forgot to pick me up. One day I was crossing a street in the village and didn't see the car coming, the car hit me and squashed my leg, ooh it was soooooo painful I was sooo scared, this man picked me up and took me to the council where they put me in a cage, next to me there where soo many other dogs, my leg hurt so much but nobody cared, I was in pain, the hours became days and the days went by , my foot was hurt and swollen and I could walk on it, the man that looked after us didn't care... Then a few days later a lady came to visit, as soon as she saw me she took my picture I don't know why, she looked so shocked.

Later on that day she came and put me in a crate carefully and took me to the man she called the Vet, ooh my leg hurt so much, I heard him say that it was too late to save the leg.

They gave me an injection and when I woke up the pain had gone but so did my leg..

The lady took me to the 2nd Chance Dogs Rescue center and the rest is History..

It only took me a couple of days to get used to walk and get around with three legs , but its actually pretty easy. I met James the gentle giant he is my best friend and we share the same run. The carers at the center are so good to us we get to go out and play twice a day and the food is great here too.

Character & Temperament

I love being around humans big humans and small humans, I love other doggies and have no issues with my food while I eat I don't mind if you come close by, I am ok with strangers and am really good on a lead even though I only have 3 legs I am really fast you wouldn't notice the difference 

Ideal Home for Keira

I would love a home with a family and another doggie to keep me company a large yard would be a big plus but I am not fussy, I am great with all humans and would like it if I am not alone all of the time. My dream is to have a home to call my own... 

Trainers Evaluation


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