Watson′s Story

Hi I am Watson,

I was a small pup all I can remember is been taken away from my mum, the people took me to a place with cows, pigs and sheep and they left me there.. it was so scary all those big animals and I cried and cried for my mommy, finally a man came and picked me up, he took me to his farm there were more doggies like me that he had saved but they where so big and some tried to bite me, so he called 2nd Chance Dogs and this nice lady came and the rest is History...

Character & Temperament

I am a confident doggie, I love other dogs and love to play with them with toys and even hide and seek, I love to play with toys with humans too, I like small humans too and am very gentle around them. My carers have taught me to walk on a lead an some basic cues like sit. I don't have a problem sharing my food with other doggies as there is always more than enough to go around here at the center. I have no problem meeting strangers as long as they are kind I am ready to greet them with my tail wagging.

Ideal Home for Watson

I would love to be part of a family, a nice yard and another doggies to keep me company would be ideal. I am not picky thou and would settle into a home with a small yard as long as I get regular exercise, I am always happy to be with humans and would love to sit on the couch and watch telly with my new family, actually I am easy going and would fit in anywhere as long as I am loved and taken care of. ARE YOU THAT LUCKY FAMILY AND I THAT LUCKY DOG?

Trainers Evaluation


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