Fernando′s Story

Hi I am Fernando,

How I ended up here.. My previous owner dumped me on a farm in Larnaca, I was terrified I was so small and all those big animals looked so scary to me, lucky for me the Owner of the farm loved dogs, he did his best to make me a place to be safe on his farm but since he had several other dogs which where much bigger than me it was difficult for him to keep me there and even dangerous for his other big dogs really bullied me and even bit me seriously twice, that is when he called 2nd Chance Dogs

The lady from 2nd Chance Dogs picked me up and took me to the VET and then was taken to this wonderful safe place called the 2nd Chance Rehoming Center. 

Character & Temperament

Things at the Rehoming center are great I have so many friends to play with, I love other dogs despite my bad experience, I also love Humans and being around them makes me feel safe.. on the other hand small children that make load noises are scary for me.. I hope to find a home with a family with older kids 13+ . I don't mind sharing my food and I am easy going with all.

Ideal Home for Fernando

My dream home has a big sofa that I can sit on and get belly rubs from my new family, a yard would be nice but not picky as long I get regular walks would be fine. A home with older children would make me feel better too.

Trainers Evaluation


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