Frans′s Story

FRANS  Our gorgeous English pointer…. Frans was found dumped in the wasteland of Tersefanou village in the middle of the summer, hungry, thirsty but above all scared to death…. The municipality collected them and took them to the horrible village pound…. After the two weeks had passed and since no one claimed them, Frans got put onto the put to sleep list and they were waiting for the day to be euthanatized…. a healthy beautiful dog that his only fault was that he was unwanted…. :( A kind lady informed us on 13/8/16 that they were two pointers in her village pound that they only had 2-3 days left…. We had full capacity back then (again) and we didn’t know how to help them….. But their photos behind the bars were haunting us for days….So we begged the municipality for an extension of time with the promise that we will take them both under our wings as soon as we manage to make some space for them…. On 26/8/16 with the financial help of two amazing women (Victoria and Susanne) we managed to get them out of that horrible pound (see first photos) and since then they are with us…. Two lovely dogs… Great characters, loving, easy going, sweet…… And we can’t stop thinking why people can kill with such ease these amazing creatures…. With no mercy, with no regret…. Just a list of names for them and a life ends….just like that…. Nevertheless…… ILONA & FRANS were safe with us. Ilona is looking for a family to offer her what life deprived her so far.... Frans is English pointerl with unique white-tan colors and great character with no issues at all.

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