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I am a couch potato

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I am good on the lead

I am great in the car

I am very clever

I especially like cuddles

I know how to sit and lots of other cues

I love fuss and attention

I will work for treats and food

Amalia′s Story

I was roaming alone in the streets, in a village near the mountains where I was abandoned. You see I was not in use to breed any pointer puppies anymore as I was sick with a tumor, not sufficient enough for hunting so they dumped me to die up in the mountains. But as I am a very friendly dog and love humans I have managed to find my way to a village near where I was roaming for days seeking for someone to show me care and affection and help me. I was starved and tired until someone contacted the municipality to take me to their pound. But a very nice lady who volunteers around that area took pictures of me and my situation and sought for emergency foster home and help. My luck has changed when 2ndchancedogs responded to her plea and the miracle of teamwork gave me the best medical care and in a short period I became healthy and I had people who looked after me with love and care to recover. I finally have my 2ndchance as I deserve.

Character & Temperament

I am a very friendly, sweet affectionate girl who seeks a home to belong to. I love humans, kids and all the other dogs and I love to play a lot, always seeking for love and attention.

Ideal Home for Amalia

I can be fit in to any home as I am a very easy going dog and very human orientated .I can learn very quickly new things and settle quite easy into new environment as long as I have good people who will guide me into all new.

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