Rena′s Story

Rena has a special story to share…. She was living in the streets of a town in Cyprus, with a homeless guy…. A friend of our organization used to help them by providing food for both of them and he paid for Rena’s vaccinations, microchip and vet care. Rena had love, but she didn’t have a home… She was sleeping on filthy pavements or in empty buildings with her owner, the homeless man. They both ate occasionally, when someone was kind enough to help them…. Her owner knew that Rena deserves much better…. A safe place…. So he handed Rena to our supporter with only the wish for her to find the best home ever…. Our supporter (and now her rescuer) brought her to us and now Rena is under our care. He will sponsor her until she finds her forever family. RENA is probably a labrador X terrier and she will be small to medium size. Her estimated month of birth is April 2017. She is playful, happy and with no issues at all. You could tell that RENA was loved… But nevertheless she needed her 2ndChance…. To live on the streets is just not right - for humans or for dogs!

Character & Temperament

Rena has been with us many months ,came in as a puppy girl and became a beautiful black little beauty.We have watched her growing into an excellent little girl,playful,loving,clever ,sociable with humans kids and other dogs.She is a diamond that is waiting for the right family who will see her value.

Ideal Home for Rena

Under Assessment

Trainers Evaluation


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