Duke′s Story

 DUKE…our beautiful giant…. Duke had an owner once….but his owner one day decided he didn’t want him anymore so he took him and his other dog Peggy-Sue that thakfully is happily adopted now, in his next village municipality council pound and told them to do whatever they want with them,just like that..Duke for many here in Cyprus is a landseer - breed and here people  dont have a clue about his breed and skills,they see just a large dog but despite his size he has a heart of gold and he is great with people even other dogs that are no afraid of his size.

Character & Temperament

Duke has been with us here for quite a while,a beautiful calm character,extremely clever with amazing skills and devotion.He is the kind of dog that you can train him not only with treats but toys and he loves to be mind stimulated and that makes him so special and adorable.He loves to be around people and even dogs that are confident enough not to be scared of him only for his size.He adores toys and water and loves being in the car watching outside  the window.He can be ball obsessed thats why we are trying to stimulate his mind with other toys and he just loves his stuffed kong.

Ideal Home for Duke

The ideal home for our Duke is to be in a home with people who will love him as he can be very devoted to his humans,people who will be able to exersise him and give him the love and attention he never had with his previous owner,a big farm house or a house with a big yard to go out as he adores outside and water.And defenetely someone who understand the breed and his needs.

Trainers Evaluation



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