I am a cross breed

I am a live wire

I am child friendly

I am dog friendly

I love fuss and attention

I love to play with toys

I will work for treats and food

Aria′s Story

Hi I am Aria, my carers keep making a fuss over me and saying how stunning I am!

That’s not how it was before I arrived here at the 2nd chance rehoming center, previously when I  was a pup my owner had me tied to a chain, with no water and food, and sometimes he would hurt me and kick me so when someone notified the authorities and these nice people came to pick me up, my owner said "Take her she’s worthless anyways" and that is how I ended up with here The nice people at 2nd Chance Dogs promised me that no one will ever hurt me again! and all of that is history now!

Character & Temperament

I am extremely Clever so my trainer says and I know how to sit , down, walk on a loose lead, stay, and I am great on recall too, I love learning new things all the time too... 

I am great with humans, love the company of other dogs and can become really excited when it’s time to play. I love love love love humans and love to go for walks. 

I love my food and will do anything for a treat.

I am extremely loyal and would love my new family to bits

Ideal Home for Aria

My dream home would be with someone who has the time to devote to me as I love humans and company, a large garden would be nice but I am not picky as long as I can go out for walks regularly. In my dream home I don’t mind sharing it with other doggies as long as they like me and would like to play with me. In my dream home a family with children would be ok but would prefer older children over 12.

Since I love working a family that could spend time with my training anything even for just 10 mins a day would be amazing!

Trainers Evaluation


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