I am a couch potato

I am always alert

I am a small but sparky dog

I am dog friendly

I am shy and need time to settle

I am very clever

I can be left alone for short periods

I need help to learn to ride in the car

I need some training

Sergio′s Story

I was dumped in the mountains alone and hungry, I was picked up by the dog warden and taken to a community pound on the mountain side of Farmakas village. The pound was make shift made of large cages and corrugated steel sheets which where connected to each other, there where dogs here for over eight years, no mental nourishment just a cage, a lady from the near by village volunteered to come every day to feed us and clean our cages, the only way to get to our cages was to hike up a very steep hill that was only accessible by foot, when it snowed or rained it was very difficult to get to us. Our only means of not starving to death was that old lady that came every day to feed us..... The old lady one day suddenly died and no one came for us any more... we where hungry, the cages where open to the weather elements, it was a hell on earth a now the only person that took care of us was no longer alive. 

We all started to starve, the old lady had a friend that knew about us however she had trouble walking up the steep hill to feed us, so she contacted a man from 2nd Chance Dogs, a day later we where all at the vets, the man from 2nd chance dogs had arranged with another rescue organization to take us all from here and to rehome us.

The make shift pound was destroyed and taken apart so no other dog could be forgotten up there again.

I am the last of the dogs that came from that place and I have still not found a home, is anyone looking for a friend for life?

Character & Temperament

I have come a long way from the dog I was in that pound into a lovely boy that I have become. It took me a while to trust humans and to socialize other dogs. I am the center miracle boy so my carers say as I have done a 180 degree change in behavior and character. Its amazing what love, exorcize, enrichment and good food can do for you.

Ideal Home for Sergio

I need a family who will give me the time to settle in in a home environment  as I never had my chance to live this miracle. I have a heart of gold and need someone to love.

Trainers Evaluation


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