Sergio′s Story

Almost every day, we confront the abandonment, the dereliction, the hell that animals are destined to live in this country….. Often we face dead dogs in the middle of the roads, on highways…run over by cars…. killed by poison…. Destroyed by human hands…. And each and every day we lose even more our faith that someday, something will change for the best….

But little miracles are hidden everywhere… People that restore a bit our faith to human race…. 
Mrs. Tasoula…. 
An old lady in a faraway village, where most of the people there don’t like animals….. 
Mrs. Tasoula…. “the weird crazy old lady” as they call her there…..

A few days ago, one of our volunteers was informed about a lady in a small village in Cyprus that all alone, for more than 30 years, has taken care of all the unwanted animals in the area…. Having nowhere else to house them, Mrs. Tasoula was keeping all of them in her house….. In those days there were no adoption packages…. No facebook to promote dogs…. No support from anyone… not help what so ever…. In those days there was only one fate for the stray dogs - to be shot by the authorities of each village and left to die a horrible, painful death….

Over the years, and after the villagers complained about the large number of dogs that Mrs. Tasoula was caring for in her house, the municipality (as always shirking their responsibility) gave her a small piece of land on a mountain peak to move dogs to..... There, in the middle of nowhere, Mrs. Tasoula and her husband built a few cages for her rescues….

For decades, that old lady use to walk all the way from her village to the mountain, each and every day - in summer with the sun beating down on her head… in winter in the driving rain, to feed and take care of these dogs…. These dogs that had only her…. 

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Tasoula fell and broke her hip and that made her unable to help her animals anymore…. Her daughter, who doesn’t live in the village, called us and explained the situation…. She told us that she called all of the rescues in Cyprus and let them know about the shelter…. But only one got back to her…..

The fate of these animals seemed very ominous…. 
So we stepped in.
Most of the dogs there were old…. We knew that it would be really difficult for us to rehome them, having more than 80 dogs already under our care…. 
But what choice was there? To let them die from abandonment? 
We decided to do our best for these doggies…. To make the last years of their lives better…. 
That was Mrs. Tasoula’s dream after all…..

As we really are at full capacity, we contacted SPDC for help…. They are full as well, but once they heard the story they decided to take 3 of the 8 doggies that were in Mrs. Tasoula’s shelter…. The other 7 dogs were still at her home…. A total of 15 dogs….

Last week unfortunately 1 of the dogs in the shelter died…. Mrs. Tasoula had this black poodle for 16 years…. She found him as a puppy and took care of him until his last breath... 
Total….14 dogs now…. 

We were told that the rescue that had replied to Mrs. Tasoula’s daughter’s plea, were able to take 2 of the young doggies that were kept in her home and they are now under their care…. 

Total….12 dogs now….

Mrs. Tasoula’s friend (Mrs. Maria) who was visiting the shelter every two days to feed the dogs since Mrs. Tasoula’s fall, decided to keep helping her by cleaning and feeding the dogs in her house during the period that Mrs. Tasoula will be in the nursing home.... And she also decided to move the little poodle that Mrs. Tasoula had a really soft spot for into the house from the shelter.

The final total for us....5 dogs that 3 of them they were taken to the kind ladies of SPDC in Nicosia Sanctuary.And Ralf and Sergio came to us.

Sergio has settled in at our centre really fast,he has made friends other dogs and met people,all were new to him,but because he is a good and clever lovingboy it took him only awhile to open up and show us what a great dog he is.

Character & Temperament

SERGIO has come to a long way to a lovely boy that he is now.It took us a while to get him to trust us and even to socialise him with humans and other dogs but he came out a real HERO.He has been living up on a mountain alone most of his life . We are so proud of Sergio as he is a lovely boy that needs a family who will give him the time to settle in in a home  environment  as he has never got his chance to live this miracle.

Ideal Home for Sergio

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Trainers Evaluation


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